Sabre Trucks : Forged Precision Review



A few months back, Sabre pleasantly surprised us with its introduction of a new flagship model - the cold forged precision Sabre 38 truck.  Created using an engineering process that results in a lighter, stronger product - the Sabre forged precision truck looks fantastic, and simultaneously hits a price point that doesn’t break the bank (it runs around 200 bones).  But what about response and performance?  Does the low degree baseplate render it a one trick pony, or is the Sabre more than the sum of its parts?  Read on to find out!

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Arsenal Trucks Review


As the year comes to a close, it’s safe to say that 2014 was the year of the precision truck. From the big names in the industry, to skate enthusiasts just scratching the surface of skateboard truck design, we saw many new and innovative design and manufacturing processes used this year. We welcome this as an insight into what may be the next big innovation in years to come, something we’re always stoked to report on here at the ‘Fish.

Hailing from notorious Sierra Nevada Mountains of Central California, Arsenal Trucks have emerged as a relatively new player in the precision truck game. Arsenal Trucks are brand-new set of CNC’ed trucks designed in-house using 3D Parametric CAD technology, and constructed in the USA with aircraft grade materials. Due to where they’re based, the team at Arsenal have amazing testing opportunities in both the freeride and downhill departments, providing us, as skaters, with what should be a top-notch set of trucks. Yeah, these trucks practically have us frothing at the mouth.

The guys at Arsenal were nice enough to hook us up at the Longboard Consortium with a set of their trucks shed some light on what these billet-cut beauties have to offer. Of course, we wasted no time in getting down to business.

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Review of the Moonshine MFG Rum Runner and Hooch


Budget boards are the life blood of the downhill skating world. We know that decks sell for pocket change from your local mall “skate store”, but what is one skater to do if they’re looking for something more? Something different from the standard, 7-8-9 ply maple layup? Sure it’s tried and true, but room for innovation is what makes our sport grow.

We here at Silverfish try to follow these innovative crafters with hope that they’re doing something right, pushing skating further, and changing how we have fun. We’ve seen plenty of gimmick-y garbage roll through the downhill world in the last few years.

So who’s next in terms of doing something outside the norm? Moonshine MFG sent us some new gear that we went down hills on to see how it fares. We got a couple of decks and sets of wheels from the Washington-based company to shred, and shredding was done! Here’s what we got from sessioning the gear.

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Review of the Earthwing Hell Camino



Ever since its release in December 2013, the Earthwing Hell Camino has flown under-the-radar for most longboarders. The Hell Camino was released at the peak of the NLS hype, and as a result, it never received the attention it deserves. Today, we’re going to change that.

The Hell Camino is a hybrid; it has elements of both a standard doublekick skateboard and a downhill/freeride-oriented longboard. While many companies have struggled to get the perfect balance of street and downhill abilities in a board, we feel that Earthwing nailed it with the Hell Camino.

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Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review


It goes without saying: wires suck.  They tangle, rip, and just plain get in the way. Thankfully, a wireless standard called Bluetooth has been gaining adoption in all sorts of consumer tech products, including sports headphones.  But this isn't something recent - we had a pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to our iPod back in '05, so what's the big deal with products like the Plantronics Backbeat Fit?  For one, their ultra low profile means they are about as slim as many wired sports headphones on the market, which means they'll work great with your favorite skate helmet - without the hassle of wires.  But what about all the goodies like comfort, fit, sound quality, battery life, durability and value?  Read on to find out if the wireless Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones - priced at 130 bones, are a snug and sound proposition or just fall flat.


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Review of the Predator FR7 Certified and FR7 Hybrid Helmets



Predator Designs is a Vancouver Canada based company with a clear focus on designing and creating performance water-sport and skateboarding helmets.Predator Helmets has been making skull shells for 13 years, and skateboard helmets since 2009. The DH6 was their first helmet made for dry land. Predators designs focus on creating the safest, most comfortable helmets on the market.

Predator has sent us two of their impressively crafted helmets to test. The FR7, one of each flavor, Certified and Hybrid. On the outside they look exactly the same, half shell with tasteful air vents and a small bill. The interior is where they differ, read on for specifics on each unit. We are excited about this new design thought and what it could mean for our sports protection equipment.

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Rocket Meteor Review


It’s a well-known fact that small European skateboard companies are widely regarded as top-notch in our community. There just seems to be a little something extra there, something exotic, that really gets us skaters excited. Often some of the craziest designs and new shapes are created in tiny garages and workshops by a home builder, situated in a small European town that we would likely have trouble pronouncing. Nonetheless, the quality is usually outstanding and the decks feel great to ride. Number can be scarce though, meaning you won’t likely see one of these decks at your next local event.

Rocket Longboards is an example of one such company. Coming out of Switzerland, Rocket is backed by 12 years of experience in the downhill skateboarding scene from owner Daniel Iseli. Daniel handcrafts each and every Rocket board, utilising a variety of composites, species of timber and his extensive knowledge of board building. You won’t just find these decks sitting around at any old shop either; each deck is made after you place your order on the Rocket website. Over the past few years, Rocket Longboards have established themselves as a serious player in the Euro scene. These skateboards look sweet, and we’re very excited to shred the crap out of one of the latest freeride and downhill offerings in their line-up, the Meteor.

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Rayne George Mackenzie Pro Model Review


As one of the leading longboard companies coming out of Canada, Rayne Longboards have made a name for themselves over the years by making rad skateboards, pushing deck design and consistently appearing on podiums around the globe. Since 2004, Graham Buksa and the dudes over at Rayne have been pushing it to create new and exciting products for us to shred on. These guys mean business, getting results and having fun all the while. For this reason, Rayne longboard decks are widely known to be of the highest standard, using state-of-the-art construction methods to craft their creations.

Queue the George Mackenzie Pro Model, or the G-Mack as many like to call it. Designed by the man himself, George and the Rayne R&D Team have been prototyping and testing this deck for over year, tweaking it to perfection before releasing it recently. With a badass asymmetrical shape, Rayne’s signature ‘mean cave’, ‘fat bottom’ construction and a whole lot of other features tucked under its belt, G-Mack’s new ride should be pretty rad for just a about anything you could throw at it. You could say we’re pretty damn excited to get this thing out on the hill and shredding it up. Alright, no time to waste then, let’s get to it.

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