Review of the Moonshine, the County Line





The downhill market sees innovation after innovation now a days. We understand this, as clearly there’s a more competitive field for the downhill game. It’s no surprise to us that we see new gear dropping week after week claiming to revolutionize the downhill work. So when we saw the new release from Moonshine, the County Line, we were glad to see a tried and immaculately proved idea from the downhill world, being brought to the dancing/commuting world, namely top notch construction which was previously not focused on quite as much.

We went through our rituals and trials and got to the bottom of the new release from Moonshine.

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Review of the Bustin EQ 36 Hollowcore



Blending of scenes and cross over between crews is how we as a community grow to bigger and better things. We know and love California as the unofficial home of the downhill community, but that’s not to say there aren’t radical things taking place all around the world. One of the skate companies to call New York City home is Bustin Boards. They’ve been crafting and refining new boards for over a decade now which question how we think about skateboards. While we know the downhill community’s heart is firmly planted in California, but seeing Bustin take shots at how downhill skateboards look makes us psyched for how they can impact the skate community.

The newly tweaked and tuned version of the downhill vision is their EQ 36” Hollow Core. We took the East coast crew’s version of a speedboard through our local spots to see how it would fare outside of its New York state natural environment.

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Buddha Wheels Review The Lotus and Fukyo



Big or small? Grippy or slippery? Wider or skinnier? As a downhill skater, we can guarantee that you have experienced the eternal indecision when it comes to picking a set of wheels in today’s saturated market. We know this because we have experienced what it is like to be constantly tossing up which wheels we want to pull the trigger on next time around. Here at the Longboard Consortium we don’t mind having choices, the more wheels on the market the more wheels we can shred.

Queue Buddha Wheels, a company hailing from Spain coming from the guys at Hydroponic who hooked us up with the Dragon for testing a little while back. Buddha Wheels are a brand-new company with a few options to choose from, bringing you a wheel for just about any application you could want. In our case, we were lucky enough to test out the new Fukyo and Lotus wheels, which are two of the more freeride-oriented options in the lineup.

Both the Fukyo and the Lotus look like a ton of fun from what we have seen so far, making us excited to hit the hills on these two sets of wheels and bring you the info on these bad boys from another continent.

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Hydroponic Dragon Review


It seems that now so more than ever that small, indie longboard brands are sprouting up left, right and centre. With new and innovative designs, construction methods and features, these up-and-coming companies are looking to rival the best in the business, giving us even more options to choose from than ever before.

Hydroponic Longboards is a prime example of this type of brand, hailing from Barcelona, Spain. Since their beginnings in 2002 as an urban clothing brand geared towards surf, skate and snowboard culture, Hydroponic have branched out into the longboard and skateboard markets over the past 5 years. With the longboard division headed up by team manager Miguel Porte and various former Original Skateboards Team and Flow riders, it’s evident that Hydroponic are a force to be reckoned with in longboard game.

In their newest 2014 Summer range, the guys at Hydroponic have manufactured some new moulds and shapes under the guidance of team riders to bring us, the riders, some truly awesome new boards. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Dragon, a brand-new directional topmount speedboard from Hydroponic’s latest lineup, to bring you guys some info on what’s good with these new guys on the block.

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TSG Pass Review


It wasn’t  so long ago that the downhill skateboarding community lacked any kind of mass-market helmet which was specifically catered towards its riders.  Many skaters turned to Icaro paragliding helmets due to their aerodynamic profile, light weight and good looks while others took a cheaper, more safety focused approach by adopting and modifying mountain bike helmets such as the Bell Drop.  The landscape today is totally different, with readily available offerings from companies such as Triple 8, Predator, New Olders, ZGSkate and more recently TSG - with their Pass helmet.  Developed in collaboration with Martin Siegrist (three time world downhill champion and overall badass) the Pass is quickly gaining adoption at events worldwide.  Join us as we take a comprehensive look at the Pass in our review below, and whether it (pardon the pun) passes with flying colors.

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Review Of The Black Dog Spacko


Skateboarding means many things to many people. We didn’t get into skating for the hyper-testosterone fueled power glances that are occasionally shared at a skate park. We got into skating because, like art, there is no perfect way to do it. We like the little guy, we like the underdog, and most importantly, we like the folks who are doing it because they love it.

We first heard of the folks at Black Dog longboards years back. They’ve been crafting decks since 2006 and they’ve stayed considerably under the radar for the period since. Despite creating a rather influential speedboard a few years back (the Butterfly), Black Dog stayed small in the Pacific Northwest and has been continuing the craft of manufacturing these beautiful skateboards.

We got a board from Black Dog called the Spacko. It’s a lean, mean little deck which looks like it could tackle quite a wide variety of terrain. We spent a few weeks sending the Spacko through as much and as little terrain as we could to find out what it’s really made of. With much joy we report back that we were not disappointed by the deck shaped by the OG folks over at Black Dog Longboards.

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The Rolling Tree Nimbus



We get boxed into our realm of downhill skating day in and day out. And let’s not deny the truth here: bombing the biggest hill we can find is really, really awesome. But that’s not to say that we shouldn’t get out and skate any kind of terrain we can. Here at the Silverfish Consortium, we skate hills, we skate slalom, we skate pools, we skate stair sets. We skate as much as we can because frankly, life is short and we’d rather be skating.

We got an opportunity to review a board that we could take just about anywhere with us. The brilliant minds over at Rolling Tree sent us a sharp looking deck called the Nimbus to shred all over the place. We’ve put a few double kicks through the review process before, but there’s always room for improvement in the skate game so we took on the challenge with complete enthusiasm. What did we find out? Double kicks are still a blast, skating is still the best, and we came home extremely stoked. The Nimbus had way more to offer than we expected.

Rolling Tree skateboards are a brand centered on community-driven design. They get inspiration from ideas submitted from the skate community and design boards on those ideals. It’s a skater-owned brand driven by the skate community itself.

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Lanparte GoPro Stabilizer (Handeld Gimbal) HH-01 Review



Have you ever filmed what you thought was a fantastic edit, went home, reviewed footage, and shook your head in contempt at what turned out to be a shaky mess?  Shaky footage is a videographers worst nightmare as it can render awesome moments practically unwatchable, and while post production software has made great strides at stabilizing such footage - it’s not a panacea.  We’ve come across the video stability issue many times, and have thrown a lot of money at stabilizing handles such as the Opteka SteadyVid, the Steadicam Curve, and the Smoothy.  None of them have left us impressed – they require fine calibration and camera sway is still a major issue.   We figured it was time to up our game and check out an electronic stabilizer that supposedly performs better than anything we’ve tried before, so we picked up the Lanparte GoPro HH-01 Stabilizer.

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