First Look at the SkateLock M100

First Look: the SkateLock M100


Who in their right mind stashes and walks away from their skateboard? You just lay that Chubby Unicorn with Fyre Trucks, These prototype wheels and color-matched ABEC 32 bearings up against the outside of the 7-11 and head on in, right?

Wait, no? “Like way no, dude!”   Ahh, but what if you’re at a high school that doesn’t let you tote your board around all day, or you’ve skated down to the beach with your surfboard under your arm and need to stash your board someplace while you’re out on the waves?   Hmmm…maybe there are some situations where you might want walk away from your longboard, but have it “secured” somehow so it doesn’t disappear in a quick “five-finger discount”.   These are the situations that Sean Mitchell was thinking about when he designed and had the “SkateLock M100” made.


Essentially, a bike lock that's modified to fit your skateboard.

The SkateLock is basically a “bike lock” with an extra pig-tail of cable that enables one to secure a skateboard by looping around the base of one truck. The keen-eyed skater will quickly realize that there’s a relatively easy way to defeat the SkateLock but, just as there’s a quick 5mm wrench method to swipe forks off of locked mountain bikes, this “isn’t the point”. The idea is to secure a skateboard someplace where low-down scumbag thieves aren’t going to have time to fiddle around and won’t likely have a skate tool in their slimy little pockets… places like the gated “bike racks” section of your high school, the fenced railing on the stairs to the beach or the steel frame of your bed in the dorm room. In other words, places you might leave a board unattended for a good reason.


Step One: wrap the silver "pigtail" around your truck...

We met up with the SkateLock’s designer and borrowed one of these babies for some photos and an informal test: we took a shiny, clean Skull Skates longboard down to the beach, locked it up and walked away.   Our first impression is that the product is easy to use. You pop the lock open, wrap the silver loop around a truck and slide the loop over the lock body, then wrap the coiled cable around something secure and plug the end into the lock. It snaps locked and you’re done, easy.  


Step Two: slide the loop over the lock body, past the cable lock...

Okay, so was the board secure, safe from greedy hands?   Well, it was while we chilled behind a book about 100 feet away on a busy day on the coast.   Several people stopped at the board, including two guys that were clearly having a discussion about the board while trying to look cool and disinterested. One picked it up, and pulled on it, but put it back down and moved on.   Would they come back with the right equipment to beat our lock, later? Maybe, who knows? They didn’t want to fight it right then, though.


Step Three: pop the cable end into the socket and it's done.

One other thing: in both places we locked the Skull Skate up, we were approached by skaters that saw the board being locked, removed or photographed and wanted to know where to buy one of these. Two of them noted how one might defeat it, but asked for the info, anyway. After we reported the MSRP is “about twenty bucks”, everybody we spoke to wanted to know where to get one.   Now, this is a special-sampling of skaters, the type interested in a lock and willing to come over and talk to someone but it didn’t matter: at the time, there was no website, no way to contact the seller. Well, now there is: it’s and the M100 is $19.95.



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