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Cadillac wheels is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to rolling over things on skateboards, and for a darn good reason. They’ve been at it for a long time and have figured out a thing or two about how a wheel works in that time. For a while now we’ve seen shredders on their 81a Swingers, but it’s the modern age of downhill skating and now the 40 year old brand is offering a 78a version of the Cadillac Swingers. We took it high and low, fast and slow, to get to the center (pun intended) of this wheel.



Initial Impressions

Out of the shrink wrap, we found a lovely baby blue version of the wheels we’ve seen everyone tossing huge standys on in the recent months. The 78a Swinger’s color reminds us of soap, or hand lotion, or...well we don’t know but if looks could determine how well a wheel slides, 78a Swingers would be creamy smooth for sure.

They’re still 70mm in diameter and 30mm contact patch with well radiused lips. The bearing placement is centerset and the wheels are 100% flippable. What’s even more than that, they have graphics on both sides of the wheel! Now we can flipping your wheels and still looking good has never been easier. The wheels come stone ground as well.

Cadillac has been a big name for a darn long time when it comes to riding down hills, so we were pretty excited to see the latest fruits of their labor. We threw the new rounds on some trucks and went out to the hills to see what’s good.



Riding Impressions

We gave the wheels a couple Coleman slides and they were good to go. The break in period was quicker than with other wheels. Seriously they’re as close to ready-to-go right out of the wrap as we’ve seen.

First slides were a different feeling for us. We think it’s due to the slim contact patch, but the point when they wheels are losing traction is really easy to miss. The wheels were all of a sudden getting away from us, but mostly because we weren’t ready for them to get loose so fast. To compensate for the quick breakout, we just kept more weight on top of our deck and it was really, really smooth sailing.

Seriously, smooth isn’t even the way to describe it. The slide of the wheels is like floating. Once we got used to the breakout point of the slide, we were on cloud nine. The wheels just coasted sideways. Our stand up slides were considerably larger than we’d expect at the speeds we were going. Effortlessly the wheels just wanted to keep sliding.

The wheels definitely left urethane behind in heaps and piles. We found dust covering the hangers of our trucks. For all the skaters out there who are really stoked showing off where they’re skating, Swingers are for you. They’d fit in at a slide jam when you’re trying to show off just how steezy you are.

The centerset bearings are good once one side of the wheel begins to cone a little. With such a small wheel width, it wasn’t that big of an issue but we still appreciated how long we could make them last. The core was pretty decently supportive and wear was well spread out on the wheels. We realize avoiding ovalization of wheels is largely the rider’s responsibility, but the Swingers seemed to handle it pretty well even when we accidentally held our slide at 90* for a little bit.




The 78a Swingers were really fun, honestly. Tons of sideways in these wheels. The price, however, is right about $50 on the nose and that’s a pretty penny for wheels that wear like these ones. Are they a pretty uniquely performing wheel? Absolutely. Their slide really is that good, but it comes at a cost.

Additionally, Swingers break out really easy, and depending on who you are, they break out too easily. The lack of definition between having and losing traction took some getting used to. Not a black and white issue, as we the testers did get used to it eventually, but it’s definitely an acquired taste.



The 78a Swingers are definitely the next step for Cadillac. The urethane was predictable once we got used to it and the seemingly endless slides the wheels offer is hard to get mad at. We definitely can recommend Swingers as good slide wheels, but we suspect lighter weight riders who wouldn’t wear wheels as fast might be extra interested. Or if you just really like having wheel cores, that’s rad too. The wheels kick out in a heartbeat and if that’s your style of wheel, you need look no further. All in all, 78a Cadillac Swingers are a unique wheel that took some getting used to, but once we did we couldn’t help but have a really good time on them. 


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