The Wripper Skate Tool

A Quick Look at The Wripper Skate Tool




“The Wripper” is an all-stainless steel, three-way pocket skate tool that's burly but features softly rounded corners that are far more friendly to one's pocket (and flesh) than traditional t-bar skate tools. We came across the Wripper and noted its similarity to another stainless steel mini tool many of us are familiar with...and for good reason: it comes out of the same foundry. The Wripper is bigger, a little heavier at 158 grams, offers an excellent hand grip and includes a bottle opener along with a phillips-head screwdriver and allen key insert.




The classic “three way” skate tool is always gonna be 9/16” (kingpin), 1/2” (axle nut) and 3/8” (mounting hardware nut) and, in this case, it's sockets on The Wripper. They're deep dished and, in the case of the 3/8” socket, actually on an open tube all the way through the wrench that will accommodate any length of screw that extends past the nut. The Wripper adds an L-bend tool that secures into the shaft of the tool with an embedded neodymium magnet and has a phillips head and 1/8” allen key on it. Wrap all this together and you've got enough tool to build-up a deck in your garage.


We were sure the L-bend tool would detach and get lost just as fast as those on our very-similar “other brand” tools from the same maker did, so we stashed that on the workbench after using The Wripper to build a few boards. There's nothing like building a board to test a pocket tool, especially when you've got “bench tools” handy. Our feedback is that The Wripper's definitely a valid tool for building-up skateboards. The extended arm with the 3/8” socket will reach past hangers and the t-shape enables a firm, comfortable grip on the tool.



Long enough to reach in there, easily.


Very much like the extended arm with the little 3/8” on the end of it, the 1/2” axle nut socket is also extended 1.25”, enabling one to cinch or release axle nuts even in the deepest dish wheels. This is a marked improvement over the other tool and is, frankly, what tips the scales for us in terms of overall utility. The 9/16” is offset enough that it's easy to use on kingpins, but the big deal is that axle nut socket.



Deep-set wheels, no prob.


In your pocket, The Wripper is a little heavy at just over 5.5 ounces, but the rounded edges and smooth shape make it easy to keep in a back or side pocket without feeling the tool every time you move. The polished finish makes it pretty dang blingtastic when you pull it out at the skatepark, and the shape often generates inquiry whether you can use it to smoke with. Ironically, this is where we need to cue-up the giggling stoner teens who would actually smoke something through a tool they wrench on greasy, dirty skateboard bits with, because the double-entendre in the name is applicable: the 1/2” socket is drilled-through to the center arm and can function as a bowl. Whatever.


Pick your poison, though, right? The Wripper also includes a bottle opener feature so that you can finish a session on the plexiglas Pepsi half pipe and then skate right over, pull an icy cola from the bin and pop open the bottle. Cool idea, even if the dang thing is harder to use than you'd ever expect, due to the rounded contours of the wrench. Cup it and the bottle in your hands and it works fine without imparting any dirt, grease or judgement on your beverage of choice.



Hey, that's not a Pepsi...


In terms of price, The Wripper is MSRP'ed at $15.99 and is available direct from for that price. We think this is a fair deal for a tool of this design, made from tool-grade stainless steel that we're sure will last any of us for years of skatin' and wrenchin'. You might find it elsewhere for less, so use the Google button and don't forget to Go Skate!




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