Daggers Suck!!


--World Champion, Scoot Smith

The City of Goldendale has responded to vandalism at the campgounds by skateboarders at the Maryhill Festival of Speed.  The news is bad:

"To John Ozman, Marcus Rietema, Golden Event Planning (Lorraine Reynolds), previous Mayor Mark Sigfrinius, Jim Allyn:

Sirs: THE FEW as you put it, left a very bad taste in the mouth of the Fair Board Committee, me and my staff, justifiably so after looking at all of the pictures furnished us by the Klickitat County Buildings and Grounds Department. The pictures are available at City Hall if you are interested.

It is unfortunate that you were not privy to the damage; foul language spray painted on straw bales that was NOT their property against the company or individual who sponsored them; spray painting on fairgrounds property of all the restroom walls that now need to be repainted; replacement of a sink that was pulled away from the wall; a broken gate; a brick that was torn out of a corner wall; flour all over everywhere; empty beer containers; prophylactics laying on the ground; in the barn area a metal image of the animal that is housed there pulled and left hanging from one hook, many others missing.

As of this writing, the damages have not been counted up to give us a dollar amount, it will be large. Goldendale will survive and make its own mark without vandals that come and take advantage of a small town and its people who went all out to welcome, entertain and feed them. As far as I am concerned these vandals are not welcome in Goldendale. Maybe Maryhill can afford all of the vandalism, we certainly cannot.

Arletta Parton, Mayor City of Goldendale

If you were there, then you know exactly who stole haybales and vandalized them, who trashed bathrooms, who vandalized stables and more.  It might even be you, or maybe you just sat by and watched it happen.  If you were there, you know what “the Daggers” did the first night, and how the event organizers implored everyone not to make that mistake again, how Bricin Lyons spoke about not trashing our hosts’ facilities, and yet how it apparently did not matter.  You know that is wasn't just a small group of "Daggers" responsible for everything but that they started it all off.  Did you ever want to skate Maryhill?  Do you ever want to skate an event somewhere like the MFOS and think the people in that town can’t read the internet?    Talk about it here.  Seriously, check out the sycophants that defend these idiots and then get on the phone to thank them for "a job well done."


UPDATE:  What Can We Do?

Skaters, Lugers, bikers and inliners across the globe have been asking, "what can we to to help make amends for these kooks?  We're working with the City of Goldendale to set up a PayPal account for donations to compensate for the damages at the Fairgrounds.  As soon as that's prepared, we'll post the link/info here and send it out to Bricin Lyons, IGSA, etc...  It will be in a format you can post, anywhere and two or three dollars per several hundred skaters will resolve the financial side of things.

Of course, when folks in a small town are treated as they perceive themselves to be in this case, there's much more to it than the financial damages.  Our community's financial donations will just be a part of how we can respond to the host city.  These wonderful people made us breakfast & dinner, treated us like family and showed good-old small town hospitality that 90% of the athletes returned.  See the forums for ideas about what we can do.

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