Ditch Slap 07

      “ Ditch Slap ‘07” April 28th – May 5th  in Abq. NM

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Entry fee of $75 includes:

       Any 3 races and a Ditch Slap Shuttle Pass for the week

Single or Additional Races are $25

       Ditch Slap Shuttle Pass is $30 (See schedule)


Saturday 28th Banked Slalom Qualifier for 10 slots at Indian School ‘08

Ditch TBA, the top 10 unseeded finishers will get an invite to race Indian School ‘08

If you think you’ve got what it takes, here’s your chance to prove it against the best in a ditch that has never been raced!


Sat. night 28th Very Vert Skate Park Race at the New West Side Park

 Albuquerque’s new Park features 3 deep bowls 8ft, 9ft and 12ft. all connecting into an 18 ft ¾ pipe. Expect a fast, smooth exhilarating course and some stiff competion. http://www.concretedisciples.com/cd_skate/NM/albuquerque/albuquerque-skate1.jpg


Sunday 29th Chinese Ditch Race $500 prize money / Ditch Shuttles

5 miles of untamed ditch with EVERY kind of transition, flat bottom width, aprons, riding under bridges, over holes, grates, gaps and more! Le Mans style start with about 2 blocks of street / bike path to spread the pack before jumping into the ditch.   


Monday 30th Banked Slalom Race at Catnips Ditch $500 prize money

This brand new pink ditch has a great take off area and perfect transitions with a few second level aprons providing us with a long and challenging course.

Tuesday 1st  Ride Calvary, the Bear and Harper (no shuttle this day)

All 3 of these are within a few minutes skate from the hotels and offer a wide variety of riding. Calvary Skate Park is a perfect one push park at the Calvary Chapel, no cussing or Satanic graphics, you must wear a shirt and helmet, it’s FREE! The Bear is just the opposite, wear all the safety gear you’ve got and just hope you don’t Feed the Bear. The Slalom Cross Course will be marked. Harper Ditch runs right next to the hotel. At the top the Fridays Banked Slalom Course will be pre-marked.


Weds 2nd Ditch Shuttles on Harper, Layton, 3-Mile, Catnips, Carmel etc.

Explore some of Abq lesser known multi mile wonders with guides, maps and GPS points! Noodle legs will be your reward!

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Thurs 3rd Rio Bravo Ditch Style Jam and Downhill with Shuttles

If the wind hasn’t brought us here yet, we’ll enjoy a full day on the West Mesa with a Style Jam from 10am til 12noon judging the Best, Worst, Most and Least. The DH is a 1.5 mile dead straight drafters special ending right at the ditch. 50 mph with no wind, 60 plus with a 20 mph tail wind. World Record is possible with 35mph plus tail wind. Bring your GPS units!     


Friday 4th Harper Ditch Race $500 prize money  / Ditch Shuttles

This will be the same course raced in 2003 which takes you under the bridge and around the ollie gaps at mach speed. Unlimited push start in true Abq style.


Saturday May 5th Slalom Cross at the Bear $1000 prize money

This will be the first time for a Banked Slalom Cross at the legendary Bear, starting with 2 individual courses then joining together head to head for a few cones of exciting racing before a surprise finish. A Bear Style Jam will follow this Race


Saturday night Awards Party at Kelly’s


Sunday 6th Try to leave Paradise!


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 Ditch Slap Shuttles are provided for registered riders only! Guided excursions will explore Abq’s diverse ditches and hills. Drivers will offer expert advice, local tips to keep you out of trouble and frequent safety checks. Drivers reserve the right to insist that you take one more run and rosters will keep a tally of how many you do.


Helmets are required at all times, slide gloves are recommended.


Schwheelers (6 wheeled skateboards) will be allowed and openly ridiculed until someone lands one on the podium.  


Any day that presents 30 mph sustained winds will mandate a change of venue to the West Side where we’ll enjoy tail winds in the Rio Bravo Ditch and attempt to tie Gary Hardwicks world speed record in a draft train. Bring your GPS units. Anyone registering 64mph will be disqualified and forced to buy beer.


TimeShip will honor the Canadian Exchange Rate for skaters from Canadia.


The following skaters will be granted TSR Exemptions on all Race Entry Fees and Shuttles:


Dean Ozuna

Noah Sakamoto

Derek Brown


Jeff Goad

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