Guajataca Downhill 2012: Pirates Still Do it Better


Our globe-skatin' man on the move brings you a look at one of Puerto Rico's stoke-fest longboarding events...

Guajataca Downhill 2012:
Pirates Still Do it Better

Last year, Silverfish Longboarding brought you the rundown on a little town in Puerto Rico, names Quebradillas.  A few centuries back, it was a popular place for pirates.  Now, it's something of a skateboarders' paradise, and every year we come here, we love every minute of it.


Instead of staying at Hotel Guajataca, we opted for Parador Vistamar, which is a sweet hotel situated right next to the race course, and it has beautiful views as well

Quebradillas is home to the Guajataca Downhill race event, an event that is now up and running for it's sixth year.  It started really low key, and things finally blew up around 2009, with approximately 1,200 spectators in the crash corner.  In 2010, that number doubled, in  in 2011 over 3,000 spectators were present, and an estimated total of 15,000-20,000 spectators were in attendance for 2012!

PracticeRacers loaded up into whatever transportation they could find early Thursday, to get some practice runs in before racing commenced on Saturday


highfiveJeff Vyain reached out to us for an intense high five.

CleanupCrews worked around the clock to make sure the race course was clear from debris and safe for spectators

StickersLike last year, we made sure to give out a bunch of stickers and spread the stoke.  People love stickers, we tell ya.

Like last year, the race was organized by the Pirata Surf Club, which partnered with Puerto Rico’s sports and recreation department to make sure things went smoothly.  The Surf Club has longstanding history in organizing skate events on the island, so the event was in great hands.

Race organizers Bobby Stack and Emmanuel Ruiz (Pirata Surf Club), our main contacts (thanks guys!), were running on stoke the entire time, because sleep is one thing they didn't get much of.

Press Meeting Emmanuel Ruiz, second from left, helped host the press conference for the event.  The decks visible in the pictures were custom graphic decks supplied by Rayne longboards.  Photo credit Bobby Stack.

Press meeting 2Bobby Stack (left) holds up a sweet custom Rayne  Vendetta next to Emmanuel Ruiz as the press conference wrapped up.  Photo Credit Bobby Stack.

Final registration took place at Hotel Guajataca around 7PM on Friday, and we spent way too much time trying to figure out where the not so secret beer container was.


Shirts All registered racers were given a goodie bag with a Guajataca DH 2012 shirt, a sandwich container and some other cool stuff.


After registration was done, it was party time.  We headed over to the main field right next to the race course to get our groove on.  Let us tell you something, it was packed and live.



Video: If you watch carefully, you might just spot Max Dubler throwin some moves.  Pardon the cell phone quality audio/video.



Racing spanned from Saturday to Sunday, with the slide comp and slalom session  held on Saturday.  Unlike last year, the start line was moved further down the hill.  This helped speed up the race, and avoid a large chunk of the “pushing” that was present in last years race.  Everyone seemed happy the modification took place.  Push Culture did a great job capturing the overall event, so check out their video below(with rankings):

PCJenica and Travis Davenport, of the Push Culture Crew, gifted Nois a sick Rayne deck.

A panorama view of the left turn/crash corner

racebracketsRacers were identified by colored sleeves they wore, unlike last year, where racers were identified by numbers.



interviewPro rider Justin Barnes being interviewed by a reporter that looks younger than Rebecca Black

PressCrewThe super legit press crew (Ben and Cameron). Love ya guys!

Racesticker We put stickers everywhere.




transportStoked racers being brought back up to the hill via van



We didn't crash, we just thought it would be cool to breakdance during the race.  Photo Credit T.P.L.C


freewheelsThese kids were stoked on receiving free wheels from one of the racers

Open Pro Race Results:

– Jose Guzman (Puerto Rico)
– Zak Maytum (United States)
3rd – Kevin Reimer (Canada)
- Cliffor Deida (Puerto Rico)
- Kyle Martin (Canada)


First up was slalom, followed by the slide jam.  A few people ended up not competing in the slide jam because they were exhausted by the time it started.  The crowd was absolutely massive and somewhat intimidating, because they would converge as the riders were making their way down the hill.  This probably limited what sliders decided to pull off, but regardless, the slalom/slide jam was a fun time.

Video from N-Punto covering Sliding/Slalom:




zakjudging Zak took first place in Slalom then went on to judge the slide comp with us and Jeff Buddro.

LuisLocal Luis Marrero became sticker king that day

rideKevin Reimer and James Kelly being given a ride up the slide hill.

NewAerasNew aeras spotted on Louis Pilloni's deck.  Rad.

Top 3 Slide Comp
Louis Pilloni

Scott Lembach(Muirskate)

Kevin (local) – Send us his last name if you know it

After all was said and done, it was time for the festivities/shenanigans.  Check out the video below to see what we mean, and to understand why Zak is always a winner.



And lets not forget Jimmy Riha, winner of Mens division.  Cheers.


We''d like to give a shout out to everyone that made this event so awesome (even the bugs were awesome), and we will surely be back next year, because we love Puerto Rico!  Remember guys, keep it holsum!




Reporting, General Photography, Ministration of Stoke and Skating by:  Serge Berig




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