IGSA Outlaw: Round Two of the Inline/Skateboard Challenge

The recent California DH Series race wasn't just about official IGSA series points. It also included the second round of George Merkert's outlaw "Inline/Skateboard Grudge Match". Run within the timeframe and course of the IGSA races, it's an exhibition-only race for braggin' rights and superior smack between the fastest of the DH Inliners and the best of the DH Skateboarders.


The first round of the Challenge didn't go so well for the inliners, as skateboarders took the win. As Round 4 racing began in the IGSA race, the word was bounding around the pits: would there be a rematch? The popular vote was a resounding Yes, and both Merkert and Warren Focke were girded for battle. Would things turn out any differently, this time?

Things were different in April: the IGSA moved to the Raging Waters course, Merkert and Focke had a plan and they tapped John Rogers and Chris Chaput for the Challenge race. This is our report.


In April, the Grudge Match was born, out of a challenge by Merkert to the skateboarders racing on the Via Verde course at Bonelli Regional Park. He and Warren Focke challenged Rick Kludy and Dave Rogers to run the course for glory and bragging rights over ultimate speed. That first race resulted in three things: 1) Dave Rogers' sleek speed & cunning led to a skateboard-ridden thrashing of the inliners; 2) much friendly jeering after the race and on the internet; and 3) an easy determination by Merkert and Focke that things just might be different the next time everyone met...

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