Preliminary Report: Americans Atop the IGSA Continental Podiums!!




The IGSA 2006 North American Championships are in the books!  In Downhill Skateboarding, the day was all about Northern California’s Noah Sakamoto, who clearly established that his Top Qualifier position was no fluke:  he smoked the course at Bonelli, without a single slide or bobble through the Seismic Corner of Death.  The racing was fast, spectator-friendly and under clear-blue, SoCal skies, but the day was not without drama -- haybales were plowed, again and again, as racers in almost every class found the rough side of traction’s ragged edge.  Two left the course on gurneys, but both are now okay and recovering.


All the classes of racing were well represented, and we regularly recorded the highest speeds we’ve seen with the Silverfish Longboarding radar gun, for every class.  Streetluge and Gravity Bikes repeatedly came into Seismic’s Corner of Death at over 50mph, several at 53, and carried exit speeds over 45 in several races.  The inline skaters were coming into the same corner at 50mph, and the skateboarders were tossing down footbrakes at 40-45mph before diving into the hard right, off camber turn to test the limits of style, technique, setup and traction.



In Streetluge, John Rogers burned the course with clean runs leading to another perch atop the Bonelli podiums.  Classic Luge was also dominated by an experienced racer from the Rogers Bros school of speed, and it was Tyler Wendtland atop the podium for the 1st Place awards, but in spirit only:  he was still recovering from a hard trip through the hay along Seismic’s Corner of Death, in the Streetluge semi’s. 


We’ll have a full Race Report, with results for all the classes of racing and selections from the 1200+ photos we’ve taken of the racing over the weekend.  In the meantime, there are already over 900 photos in the two Galleries (with more to come), full results will be posted soon in the Speedboarding and Streetluge Forums.  In the meantime, we have this race report from Chris Chaput:


“The fastest speedboard qualifier on Saturday was the fastest racer, Sunday. Noah Sakamoto was clean down the hill, set up perfectly before the turns, and carved the technical right hander to perfection every time. He was the wire-to-wire winner in every heat and made it look pretty easy. It wasn't easy. Second and third place qualifiers, John Rogers and Brent DeKeyser, couldn't team up against Kevin Reimer in the semis, and K-Rimes had just enough room to make the turn and transfer to the finals. In the other semi, Thomas "Meatball" Edstrand and Nate Lang were neck and neck behind Noah through the gnarly right turn, and Tom hung on to make the transfer to the finals.


John Rogers, inside K-Rimes in the Quarter Finals. 

In the finals, Noah lead the pack into the turn, and then K-Rimes showed Brent how to plow into the hay bales. Ouch. Tom decided that that didn't look very fun, and cruised past the carnage to take second place. After the pileup, Brent got to his board first, and almost ate it after a couple of pushes. He had his board backwards, and rather than take the time to turn it around, he chose to ride it (slowly) toward the finish line, and almost got reeled in by a faster pushing K-Rimes. Nate was once again both fast and clean, and lead Team Green rider Scott Smith, John Rogers and an impressive Josh Rolf in the consi.

First around the corner was Noah, with K-Rimes screaming toward the bales. The first shot of this sequence shows Brent entering the turn on the left, Noah is crossing the centerline, and Kevin is on the right, just before impact. The next two shots show Brent getting closer to the wall, Noah finishing his turn, and Kevin totally buried. In the last frame, Tom rounds the corner, Brent goes in, Kevin is still MIA, and Noah is returning to his tuck.

John Rogers redeemed himself and won the Gold in the Streetluge race, with Justin Tohlman, Mike McIntyre, and Waldo Autry finishing 2nd through 4th.

Downhill Skateboard Results:

1. Noah Sakamoto
2. Tom Edstrand
3. Brent DeKeyser
4. Kevin Reimer
5. Nate Lang
6. Scott Smith
7. John Rogers
8. Josh Rolf


Thanks, Chris!   Silverfish is the official media partner for the International Gravity Sports Association.  We support all forms of skateboard racing, and encourage you to get involved on your local level.  It’s fast, fun and growing fast.  Get into it and… Go Skate!


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