Race Report: Allawah Outlaw Slalom Jam, Sydney, Australia

Colin Beck agreed to provide us this report on the slalom scene, "Down Under". Read on to find out how brightly the stoke burns down South!

"Slalom skateboarding isn't a mainstream sport anywhere on the planet, and Australia is no different in that regard. But since 2001, the slalom scene around the world has begun to re-establish itself as part of the mainstream of skateboarding, and I've been keen to see this happen in my home town of Sydney, Australia.

I'm keen because if I want to race, I need people to race against. So I got involved and helped put on a race. Read below for the story of the Allawah Outlaw Slalom Jam from my perspective as a first-time race organiser and first-time racer..."

The catalyst...

I had planned to try out slalom racing at the Australian Nats event, scheduled for December 3rd, 2005, but then found out that the Nats were postponed! Filled with regret over the lost opportunity, I realized that racers were still scheduled to converge upon Sydney for DH racing on December 4th. The brilliance of the originally intended timing for the Nats was still a great idea, so, I decided to put together an unofficial event. One problem: without a timing system, one can't have a proper race. One solution: we bought a Trakmate system and changed all that. With all the ingredients for a race, racers, incentive and a timing system, we set the schedule and advertised the event.


The turnout...

There's not a huge number of slalom skaters in Australia, but 23 of them showed up at a bike-track in suburban Allawah on December 3rd for the first-ever Allawah Outlaw Slalom Jam. The turnout had been swelled by a group of skaters who travelled the 1,000 km (600 miles) from Queensland to Sydney for a weekend of racing

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