Siege On Beacon Hill: Northern Virginia Fall Outlaw Race

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It all started with the simple idea of getting the local guys together and have a small outlaw race and thus the King Of NOVA race was born. With only six racers because of everyone else busy with other commitments the stoke was still high and the racing intense. At the end of the day I promised to organize a fall race and try and get at least double the amount of racers. Looking back on Saturday's 30 racers and 15 or so spectators it is very easy to see that that goal was more then met.

After sparking interest from all the local guys the date for the race was decided and the thread was born in the events forum. Within a week there were 30 posts of people interested locally and in what seemed like no time there was page after page of discussion of the race by people as far as Connecticut. The large response prompted the immediate search for prizes. Thanks to the wonderful Adam Colton we had a beautiful top-mount speedboard along with more stickers then I have ever seen at once and a few shirts from LongboardLarry and a Loaded Vanguard to give away. As the race started truly coming together I then got a message from Ned at Earthwing asking if they could run a slide competition after the downhill racing was done. I obviously let them and thanks to them we brought even more stoke to the day.

Now to the day of the race. It was a cool day with a high in the low 50s. The smell of urethane and leathers filled my nostrils as I exited the car and stepped foot on the hill. While the road was being swept and the helmets and leathers adorned cars began to line the top straight away of the hill exciting everyone with the promise of a large group of riders. Practice began and saw a few spills in the hard sweeping left turn in the middle of the hill. Two riders broke their face shields off their helmets falling in this turn during practice but no one was injured.

Racing began on a shaky start with the BAMF class of riders. The first two heats both had started with problems. In the first heat of the day, one of the fastest riders in practice, Justin Metcalf, lost his board when another rider accidentally kicked his board in mid push causing him to lose his board. The second heat also had disaster when all three riders lost their boards on the push start including myself who ended up on his stomach. The three riders in this heat all managed to grab their boards and make their way to the finish line regardless. After the bumbling in the first two heats the racing began to get faster and more action packed with multiple passes down the straights and through the turn on most runs. There were no crashes through out the racing after the first two heats. In the final heat for the top four positions there were two Virginians and two northerners fighting for first place.

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In the end it was Dane from Roanoke, Virginia who took home 1st place to finish off the BAMF class racing. One of the more notable riders in the BAMF class was a 14 year old named Lee who was one of the smallest kids there. He had only been riding little over a month but was charging from the top with the big guys.

Next we had a field of 16 riders racing in the amature class. For these guys the racing started a quarter of the way down the hill. Some of the racers were on what looked like stock pintails and carving boards as well. The most notable racer in this class was Brian Parsons who was racing on an old version of the Bahne Banshee because he felt better riding his slalom board over his downhill board . That was certainly a fun guy to watch. In the end it was local rider Danny Crawford who took first followed by Brian Parsons on his slalom board.

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As the amature racing was taking place the sliders were warming up on the top quarter of the hill unused by the amature racers and when the racing was finished the Earthwing slide competition began. It started with a 15 minute jam session for everyone to throw their best stuff for a vie at the finals. By the end of the 15 minutes there were some amazing slides thrown and the hill was marked all over with urethane tracks. The judges made their ruling advancing on 4 riders to the finals and let them take a bunch of runs by themselves for 10 to 15 minutes. The sliding was stepped up even more throughout the finals as everyone was trying to throw their best slides and watching the action was incredibly inspiring. The judges asked the crowd to cheer for which rider they think threw the best slides and Nick Harris was declared the winner.
The results of the day are as follows:

BAMF Class

1. Dane Carter (Skaterdude10)
2. Kyle Kasulis (V1RG1N14 L0NG804RD3R)
3. Alex Newton (RabidSkunk)
4. Michael Freifeld (longboard1)
5. Anthony Flis (longboardertwan)
6. Ryan Madden (ryan)
7. Mason Holden (Dr Worm)
8. Brendan Redler (bredler)
9. Justin Metcalf (stinee)
10. Adam Colton (whoisadam)

Amateur Class

1. Danny Crawford (mellow out)
2. Brian Parsons (BP)
3. Jay Mclure (Jmclure)

Slide Comp

1st: Nick Harris (crappysurfer2)
2nd: Mason Holden (dr worm)
3rd: Brian Peck (sofa king)
4th: Ryan Madden (ryan)

*I apologize if any names are spelled incorrectly 

As the sun was setting and the cold settling in everyone left the hill with tired smiles on their faces. The day was a complete success in that it helped bring a larger stoke to some beginners and the more seasoned skaters. Look out for more events planned by the NOVA Bombers next year and keep up the stoke.

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I would like to especially thank Earthwing and the people affiliated with it who drove the 6 hours down to Virginia for the race and for putting on the slide competition and giving away the amazing prizes thanks to Ned for the video and photo's he took. I also want to thank LongboardLarry for donating the incredible speedboard and shirts as give aways. Thanks to Loaded boards as well for donating a vangaurd and prerelease copy of the Make You Smile dvd. Thanks to all the people who helped by running the walky talkies and the flags. And finally I want to thank everyone who came out and skated or supported the event by spectating. Thank you all for building the stoke on the east coast.

Videos from the day:

Race video:

Slide video:

Photos from the day:

To get in touch with the NoVa Bombers check out their thread.

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