Silverfish Sessions: La Costa Boys Racing GS Clinic


a La Costa Boys Racing/Silverfish event. 


Do you like to go fast?  Are you interested in checking out slalom?  Looking for a way into the stoke that's spreading throughout skateboarding?   We've teamed-up again with La Costa Boys Racing to bring you another opportunity for a great day of SoCal skating stoke. On Sunday, January 28th, 2007 we’re bringing you a Giant Slalom Clinic at the famous Pump Station Road venue! It's perfect for any skater. Bring your longboard, bring your short board, bring your helmet and pads, bring your stoke! (Bring $2 bucks, to toss in the pot and buy your coaches some lunch!) If you’re anywhere in Southern California, clear your calendar, get your friends and come out!

Tiger Williams and Lynn Kramer will set a course that begins just above the famous ess-turn, and designed to allow newcomers to Giant Slalom to learn the course and techniques used for this style of slalom.  LCB coaches, including Lynn, Tiger, JJ Corning, Clay Westling and more will be there to offer tips, insight and advice, all in a totally stoked, festival atmosphere.


And then... the course will grow, uphill.  We'll add cones to the top of the course, extending it cone-by-cone and working the  clinic to cover the changing course.  Lynn calls it "Ascending Asphalt" and you can start from as high as you like, race your friends (and some of SoCal's fastest will be there) and the  "Kramer Timing Systems" units will be marking times.  Whether you’re checking it out for the first time, or want to grudge-match a La Costa Boy team member, we’ll have you covered. We've got loaner boards, loaner helmets and great instructors! There just ain't no reason not to come out and give giant slalom a try!

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What the Heck is “Giant Slalom”? The term is "GS", and applies to courses with broad spacing, big hills, higher speeds than in closer-spaced courses.  This leaves the course makers with options to create courses with varied cone spacing, offsets and more. At the Pump Station, Tiger Williams will set a course that can be cleaned on a longboard, or absolutely ripped by a Pro. If you can turn your longboard or skate in a pool, you can make this course and you will have a blast! If your board needs some tuning, we’ll help you with that, and we’ve got loaners, too!
 What the Heck is "Pump Station"? It's an access road to a sewer facility, actually, but skateboarders around the world know it as the venue for some of the most highly competitive GS, Hybrid and Tight Slalom events, anywhere.  It's also known as the site for clinics and sessions with the La Costa Boys Racing team, Silverfish Longboarding and the Downhill Divas skate crews.  The pavement is very good, there is no traffic and we guarantee you will have a great day of skating if you come out! 
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What to Bring: any short deck that turns! Seriously, an 18-28" wheelbase (inner truck hole to inner truck mounting hole) is what you're after. If you've got square- or sharp-edged wheels, slap those on. Pool boards with old-school, turny trucks work, retro boards work...just swap in the softest front bushings you can find: you want it “crazy-turny” on the front. If you have wedge risers, wedge the front truck, dewedge the back. If you don't know what we're talking about with "wedging", check out the Forums on the 'Fish or just show up and ask!

We'll have loaner boards for ya' true longboarders (i.e. by "short deck", we don't mean your 41!) and anyone else. It's share and share alike, and we've got a killer Rayne Timeline, at least one SkateKings Axe and more. It doesn't matter if you never tried slalom before: come out and give it a try!

How it works: first, you show up, and try to get to the parking lot up on top of the hill by 9:30am... --it's a five minute walk down the hill to us. (See directions, below.) Next, ya' say hi to everyone, sign-in with Lynn Kramer and, if you want either a loaner board or to have yours looked at, speak up -- Tiger Williams or the old dude in the Silverfish shirt will hook you up. After that, we'll organize into "cells" with our coaches, and start running cones together! There will be plenty of opportunity to get tips and insight from Slalom specialists.

Helmets are required, and full pads are recommended.
This is an outlaw event, so YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF.

Speedboarder Rick Kludy on a Hybrid course. 


To get to the Pump Station:

From LA: Take 5 south. 56 east. 15 south. Exit Mercy Rd/Scripps Poway Parkway. Turn left. Go to the first signal AFTER the freeway onramp (USA Gas and the Marriot are here) and turn left (east). ***Park at Chili’s, or across from the gas station***. Walk/skate back toward the freeway on Mercy Rd. Turn right on Cara Way, which runs just behind Chili’s. Walk down about 1000 ft, and you’ll be at the starting line.

From Downtown San Diego/Airport: Take 5 north to the 8 east. 163 North. This will eventually turn into the 15 North. Exit Mercy Rd/Scripps Poway Parkway. Turn right (east). Go to the first signal AFTER the freeway onramp (USA Gas and the Marriot are here) and turn left. ***Park at Chili’s. Walk/skate back toward the freeway on Mercy Rd. Turn right on Cara Way, which runs just behind Chili’s. Walk down about 1000 ft, and you’ll be at the starting line.***

From anywhere north of San Diego: get yourself to Interstate 15 and take it south to exit on Mercy Rd/Scripps Poway Parkway. Turn left(east). Follow the directions above for the rest.

It’s important that you park up on top. The Pump Station venue has deservedly gathered national prominence for both the hardcore slalom events and the incredibly popular La Costa Boys Clinics. It’s an “outlaw” location with very little traffic, but includes a memorial site for crime victims and is the access road for a facility that runs 7/24. This means we keep things friendly and on the “down low”. La Costa Boys Racing Team & Silverfish endorse simple rules designed to minimize conflicts or just bad appearances: Park At Chili’s, Carry out all your trash, Pick up other trash, and smile like heck at cars coming through to visit a loved-one’s memorial site. It works and, after you see what a great venue this is, you’ll agree it’s worth a short walk down the hill!

See here for a Great Overhead View of the Pump Station venue.


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This man wants you to show up. 
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