Bucking Convention With Donny Williams


Donny Williams performs early grab varial finger flips and other uncommon longboard tricks while riding in Georgia and Florida. 

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Hitting the Skatepark with Martin Botticchio


Check how to use Chauma at the skatepark. 
Goofing aroung with Martin Botticchio from Italy. Enjoy!!

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Eat Concrete 2014


After 7 months of preparations, the 5 inspirers of Eat Concrete were ready to host the first Belgian Championship Downhill Skateboarding ever. On the 4th and 5th of May 2013 the place to be was Gros-Fays in Namur, Belgium. The evening before, on Friday, everyone was welcome to chill at the camping and enjoy a little concert by the fire, drink some pints and prepare for the next 2 days of thrilling competition.


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Confused dreams with Martin Botticchio


Martin from Alternative Longboards in the middle of the night can't sleep! This is his confused dream! Enjoy the new
video from our friend from Italy!


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Cone Raw Run


The first installment of the "Cone Raw Run Series" is an epic one. Take a wild morning run with Cone Gloves crew members Kalil Hammouri and Riley Irvine down one of their favorite roads. Kalil almost hits a squirrel, the guys go fast as hell and the crouchers are plentiful!

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2014 Kozakov Challenge Raw Run


Fresh new Raw Run from Longboard Mediterranea Crew riders AdriĆ  Arquimbau and Marc Escoda at IDF's Kozakov Challenge 2014. Enjoy!

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New Video With David Lombardi


This new video from Pedophilanthropist with David Lombardi was shot in Trentino, Italy.  David Lombardi is sponsored by:  theshop: www.lakegardawind.com and DL aerolid desigh: https://www.facebook.com/dlaeroliddesign?fref=ts

Rider Set Up : Landyachtz wolfshark 2013, Ronin Billet - Pro Lite Rad Train Edition ,Rad Wheels Advantage 74mm 80a , DL aerolid design

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Raw Run At Confor


This is my raw run at Confort / confortable freeride 2014 (France) 
I crashed with Tituan Lemarchand in the end...

This freeride was super RAD great ambiance and organisation. Maybe the weather wasn t the best but we had a good fun

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News Flash

  • Not all skate shirts are black!   Check out the Silverfish Gear Page .  There are new men's, women's and kids' shirts!  (Some are even black.)


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     We're using "spreadshirt", so you order straight from them.  Dig through the listings and you'll find some classic 'Fish designs, including shirts with art taken from member Ryan's art-pen drawings.  Have an idea for a shirt?  Send it in!
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