Ryan Vanderveen Charity Freeride

Editors Note: This was submitted via LFPLongboarder in the forum and we were asked to post it. 

I haven't posted here in a really long time. As many of you know Ryan Vanderveen passed away this last december, and as a way to remember him his family has chosen to host a freeride in his honor at Maryhill this August. All proceeds are going to go towards charities. Here is the post from his family on the fb page:

Greetings from the Vanderveen Family (Mark, Betty and McKenna).

This Facebook Group was created to invite Ryan's friends to the RVOD Memorial Freeride at Maryhill this summer on the weekend of August 16 and 17. As Michael wrote earlier, we are first inviting people that Ryan knew and then if there are still spots available, we will open it up to the general public.
The purpose of this freeride is to honor Ryan's memory, raise money to support two important charity organizations -- YouthCare and Forefront -- and to share the stoke with friends and fellow boarders. Our family will cover all the costs of hosting the freeride including renting the park for the weekend, providing a two-person ambulance crew for both days, bales of hay, U-haul trucks to take riders back up the hill after each run, registration, etc. Thank you Dean Ozuna in advance for your help.
We had initially discussed having the event for free but we decided that one of the purposes of the event was to raise money for charity. The cost per person will be $75.00 for longboarders who actually plan to skate. The event will be strictly limited to 200 riders to help ensure everyone's safety. Admission includes: 1) boarding all Saturday and Sunday; 2) an RVOD Memorial Freeride t-shirt (see the attached photo); 3) an RVOD Memorial Water Bottle: 4) one raffle ticket; 5) some cool RVOD stickers; and 6) an awesome weekend of boarding with friends. One hundred percent of the money raised (minus the cost of the t-shirts and water bottles) will be donated to YouthCare and Forefront. Both charities do tremendous work for the community.

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Injury Report - Plan For Recovery


Racing behind Patrick Switzer at the 2013 Maryhill Festival of Speed. Photo credit Jon Huey.

I will always remember 2014 as the year I was injured.  If you're reading my report here then you may be a friend or fan of mine and have a similar passion and love for skateboarding as I do.  If so you can imagine or have experienced yourself how crazy you'd feel if you couldn't skate to your full potential for a sustained period of time due to an injury.  I've been skateboarding for almost 30 years and racing on them for the last 10 years has been a dream come true.  After going this long without an injury, I must admit I'm pretty due for one.  Even so I was pretty shocked from the news but over the last month its slowly sunk in.   Being that this is my first bump in the road of major injuries caused by skateboarding, I'd have to say I've had a good first run without one.  Somehow I've managed to avoid the most typical injuries such as dislocated shoulders, various knee and ankle problems, and head injuries.  This is probably due to wearing my safety gear 99% of the time and lots of luck.  However the injury I have may seem unheard of to some younger riders and readers here, but not so uncommon to skaters who've been doing it for as long as I have or more.

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Boarders For Hope Supporting The Philippines



Last November 8, 2013 the Philippines was hit by one of the world’s strongest typhoons in recorded history. Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), left in its path thousands of people homeless, jobless, and even hopeless.

In the aftermath of the storm, there was dwindling supplies of food, medicine and water; rampant violence in the streets that had unfolded due to lack of policemen and soldiers; the possibility of a viral outbreak due to undiscovered corpses (thank God that didn't happen); the smell in the city had gotten so bad that everyone wanted to leave. So many things to mention. So many things happened, so many changes after just less than 24 hours of a terrible, terrible hurricane had passed by the country.

This unspeakable tragedy got the attention of a group of Swedish longboarders. They got together and decided to raise financial assistance for Haiyan victims. They named the project Boarders for Hope mainly because the project was created around the ideals of longboarding – to spread the love and stoke not only to longboarders but to anyone in need.

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Bringing Hope and Stoke To West Africa

Florida based photographer/writer and skateboarding soccer mom is diligently seeking some gnarly love from the skateboarding community from around the globe! Last June, Danielle Calhoun was given the opportunity to travel across the globe and serve several different orphanages in Burkina Faso, West Africa. After nearly two weeks into the trip she stumbled across a broken skateboard in the dirt and asked where it came from, the rest is history! 
Danielle was told the orphanage (which houses, feeds, and educates over 200 children, teens and young adults) received 3 skateboards in a donation crate. The children and teen boys were immediately ignited by this new found fun and skate every inch of little pavement they have on their property as often as possible.The groundskeeper mentioned they were going to attempt and build some ramps out of scraps and she made a promise to the children that she would go back to the US and do everything in her power to help them have a small skateboarding sanctuary they deserve.

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First Look: Randal Precision Trucks

First Look:  Randal Precision Trucks


Randal2 resize

You're reading that logo correctly:  that's a Randal truck right there.  What you're seeing are one of the final protos for the Randal Precision trucks and a spare hanger.  Surprised?  Well, don't be:  skaters in the know have seen CNC'd Randals before --real Randals by Randal-- and phenoms like K-Rimes and Zack Maytum have been on sets... several years ago.   Oh, go ahead, be surprised.  Hell, we were when we crossed these at the Agenda Show, especially when we learned they'll hit market in about four weeks!  Long time coming?  You bet, and it turns out that the "Year of the Truck might not follow the calendar:  the Randals look real good.

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News Flash

  • Not all skate shirts are black!   Check out the Silverfish Gear Page .  There are new men's, women's and kids' shirts!  (Some are even black.)


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     We're using "spreadshirt", so you order straight from them.  Dig through the listings and you'll find some classic 'Fish designs, including shirts with art taken from member Ryan's art-pen drawings.  Have an idea for a shirt?  Send it in!
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