Best Of The Year - Skaters' Picks Top Ten Longboarding Products of 2011

Best Of The Year Skaters' Picks
Top Ten Longboarding Products of 2011

If there’s two things that define the revolution in skateboarding that’s played itself out on the internet at Silverfish Longboarding and other websites, they’ve got to be skaters’ discussion of skate spots and the best gear.  Skate spots can be a tricky subject on the internet… do you share something awesome to spread the stoke, or do you keep it on the downlow and play “locals only”?  Gear is different:  there’s plenty to go around and one of the best things any skater can do is to highlight what’s workin’ great for us.  And that, brothers and sisters of the revolution, is where this 2011 Skaters’ Picks Gear Guide comes from.

We’ve surveyed hundreds of skaters in the rollicking Silverfish Longboarding forums and at skate sessions around the globe, sifted some wheat from chaff and boiled it down to a list of the year’s top innovations and values, new products that captured your attention this year or worked just right out on the hills and streets.  It’s not all-inclusive and the manufacturers we depend on for great gear haven’t had anything to do with it – so check out the Silverfish Longboarding Skaters’ Pick Gear Guide for 2011:



FullBag Elise

Everyone knows topmount is gangster. Getting a board designed to the point that all of the elements work is really what sets this board apart from a field of many wannabe thugs.

The major highpoints are the solid board feel and the amazing execution of the board design. When putting together this list, the Elise is the board that was mentioned again and again.

Looking at all of the feedback shows that not only has Fullbag delivered a well thought-of deck, but it's exceptionally well thought-out. Wheel wells, a thinned waist and brilliantly executed tub concave work together to deliver a deck that is worthy of the adoration it gets from its fans and our editors are itchin' for a pair.



Magic Bearings

In an industry where almost everyone touts their "skate cred", plenty of people are wishing they had the presence that Rob "The Wizard" Nickell has. You might love him or hate him but, at the end of the day, he set out to establish a brand presence for a product with eager marketing on the 'net.  Risking buyer confidence and his own reputation, he suceeded. These bearings were picked up by many shops & riders and his initial selling sold out of stock quickly. 

Are they really magic? Of course... They are also easy to clean, purple & green, and most of all affordable.

Although Magic is out of stock at the moment, you can expect great things from Magic in 2012.



Holesom Scented Slide Pucks

This is one of those ideas we are pretty damn sure many skaters have had, a lazy day safety meeting session where they think, "hey, slide pucks should be scratch and sniff!"

Well, Holesom does more than dream, they make that dream a reality.  Now you too can lay down some super slick delrin slides and at the same time bask in the delicious aroma of Cocoa, Bubble Gum, and even Glow in the Dark.  What does Glow smell like?  Victory, baby.

Now it's not a game changer, but they may have made our slide sessions smell a little bit sweeter. 

Now where the holy hell are the bacon-scented pucks?  Get on it, Holesom!  We are here for product research and we know a LOT about bacon. 


main_Earthwing Hightailer Longboard Skateboard Speedboard Thing Deck - Purple

 Earthwing Hightailer

Earthwing is well known for delivering products steeped in skateboarding street cred and their lineup has some of the most no-BS, brick straight to the zombie skull of longboard culture deck available. The Hightailer is no expection.  It takes a concept that used to be well-known and makes a statement with its evernew feel and design that had skaters railing on what a great idea the Hightailer is.

Big skateboards are awesome.

You can not get around that one simple trueism, and it doesn't matter if you are adept with the kicks or not. This board brings the utilitarian aspects of a proper nose and tail and combines it with a dap ton of wood. Giving you a chance to shred streets, parks and hills all on one, savage beast. ·Earthwing isn't sitting back hoping on the next big marketing concept, they are not dancing around with cute marketing terms.

They are swinging a hammer of knowledge right to the brainpan of the longboard consumer.·



Rotule Desert Eagle

This is another breakout into the future of our sport. A board that in a way will not only build on existing concepts in board building, but elevate common acceptance of high-end construction techniques. 

Our editors and skaters on the forums cite this rock solid topmount's expert combination of materials, multiple mounting options, integrated shape rail designs, intelligent drop, concave that fits the rider and the board and a razor sharp rail. We could rattle off the marketing terms that everyone has come to know and love but in the real world.

Riders make boards perform, not marketing and in the hands of the masses this board has a level of adoration that not many companies can hope for. This was another one of the most mentioned boards and for good reason.

With the Desert Eagle master building comes into contact with brilliant board design.·



 Navigator Trucks Drone

This 2011 entry into the longboarding trucks field comes from an established “traditional” skate truck house that happens to be owned and run by longboarders.  Bucking the latest trend for new trucks, they’re built for big wheels and tall boards with a high baseplate that enables skaters to roll 75mm wheels on many top mounts, or drop’em through old style, but with all the responsiveness that high trucks give.  

They built trucks they wanted to bomb hills on and the Drones come in 4 widths, 2 pivot angles, have flippable hangers and they’re faced at the factory.  

 The  ‘fish crew have a load of these under several boards right now…look for a review in early ’12.


Skull Crush Skate Helmet

Skull Crush Carbon Fiber Helmet

For too long has the focus of high end helmets been the downhill aspect of our sport. As any rider knows, it's not the speed you are going, it's the impact that kills you.

Skull Crush brings their years of expirience in developing motorcycle helmets and delivers a half helmet that is worthy of all of our skulls. 

A combination of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are integrated to produce a comfortable helmet with the capability to take whatever you throw at it and still have a helmet that is just as confortable cruising as you are. 


Seismic Landslides

Seismic Landslide 

It would be a hard-sell to say that 2011 was about freeriding. Let's face it, as long as skateboarding has existed there has always been "freeriding".  You're a longboarder.  It's all free ride, bro! 

·It can be said, however, that this is the year the market focused in tight and some amazing products came out.

Seismic delivers their answer to the Freeride Wheel Question with the Landslide. Stone ground, 75x44, double radiused and lots of urethane depth.  Rider response has been the equivalent of using every synonym that can be used to describe a desireable slide.

Seismic continues to focus on their craft and has delivered a wheel that provides exactly what the riders were asking for.  


Rip Tide Bushings

Riptide Bushings

Ahhhhh Bushings.

Nothing is steeped in as much mystery and lore as bushings are. They are small, look like candy and can do so much for a setup.  Of course, most gear-obsessive skaters can think of more than a few times when dialing-in the right bushing combination may have kept them on the curb when they should have been skating.  Don't even get us started on OG Stimulators in the forums...

 Riptide has entered the market and done everything it can to present the rider with all the shape configurations and duros to give every skater the chance to dial their setup till it's perfect.  With all the hoopla and excitement over killer bushings from many companies, Riptide takes a big share of the airtime.

Oh and did we mention they come in different formulas? 


Rayne Baby Killer

Rayne Baby Killer

Simple formula:  take an already cred-heavy deck, shrink it down so it's more accessable to riders that otherwise have a hard time with the bigger platforms and name it after the psycho groms who deserve it. 

The last thing any rider should be doing is riding a deck that doesn't really fit their body type. Yes, there's some truth to the idea that anyone can ride any deck, but for a deck to perform at it's peak and for the rider truly to enjoy it? That is when the synergy of rider and board comes into factor. The ability to ride exactly with the stance you want is what the Baby Killer offers riders. 

With more and more young riders, ladies and circus midgets getting into skating every day, we're pretty sure that this is just the beginning of companies seeking to serve the myriad of riders out there. 


Wefunk Stealth Division

Wefunk Stealth Division

This is the union of Edgetrack and Wefunk - they are your new longboard overlords. 

Military grade monitoring and telemetry and over a decade of producing the most highly developed racing skateboards combined to destroy your understanding of longboarding technology.  This is one product where, without reservation, we can tell you the anticipation and "hype" will always understate the reality.  Nobody -- and we mean no-body-- knows more, does more and innovates more in skateboard materials and design than Alex Luxat, and he rips on what he designs (check out that scar on his forehead).  You all went loose in the knees over these decks and we understand why.

Announced in 2011 and with expected production in the near future. Prepare to bend space & time. 


So there you have it:  a set of skaters' choice products and innovations that lit up 2011.  And so now, you're in 2012 and we can tell you something that might sound familiar, since it keeps on coming true:  there's never been a better time to be a longboarder!  You skate it all, faster, funner, higher, gnarlier and with fewer limits and better gear than has ever been possible before.  Just as the gear listed above might, in your eyes, be the best thing since Randal Fuller's speed truck or Chris Chaput's obsession with urethane, there might justifiably be another dozen or two killer products that also make your skating better.  All we can say is that, although it definitely isn't about the gear, good gear makes it so much sweeter!   Whatever you're ridin', Go Skate! 


Happy New Year!  We'll see you on the hills and in the forums.



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