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 Yeah, we were down again.  The cursing, weeping, accusations, wall-pounding, blood-letting and screaming like a 5 year old that slammed her finger in the car door is now over.  Most of it, at least.   Suffice it to say, however, "heads will roll".  Ho ho!   Just as soon as we find that hole in the ground...


Anyway, everything's back online.  We hope you used this opportunity to Go Skate!  In fact, why not shut off your computer, right this second, stand up, grab your deck and go outside and skate?  Are you at work?  Scream something about "postal" and do it.  In school?  Tell them you're going "bombing" and try to get off campus before the lockdown!  Is it nighttime?  You live for the night!  See a theme here?

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News Flash

  • Not all skate shirts are black!   Check out the Silverfish Gear Page .  There are new men's, women's and kids' shirts!  (Some are even black.)


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     We're using "spreadshirt", so you order straight from them.  Dig through the listings and you'll find some classic 'Fish designs, including shirts with art taken from member Ryan's art-pen drawings.  Have an idea for a shirt?  Send it in!
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