ISSA Opines on Innovative Skateboards in Races

April 14, 2006 The ISSA Board of Directors has released the following in regard to the use of innovative skateboards in racing. This is apparently in response to the furor and excitement over the recently renewed use of 6-wheeled skateboards in competition.

A) Who decides if 6-wheelers (and other controversial equipment) are allowed or not? (ISSA decision: Race organizer)

B) Will the race results be accepted in the World Ranking? (ISSA Decision: Yes)

C) Does the ISSA encourage race organizers to be as unrestrictive on race equipment as possible? (ISSA Recommendation: Yes, as long as it is still a "skateboard".)

D) Does the ISSA encourage further division of races into equipment classes? (ISSA Recommendation: No, but this is a better alternative than disallowing [banning] controversial equipment. See also the limitation on awarding WR points in item G)

E) Does the ISSA encourage race organizers to proactively keep track of controversial equipment usage and to publish their intent to allow/disallow certain equipment? (ISSA Recommendation: Yes, decisions by race organizers should be published in the race promotional materials.)

F) Does the ISSA encourage racers contemplating the use of controversial equipment to contact race organizers to get an advance ruling before showing up for a race? (ISSA Recommendation: YES)

G) If a race organizer decides to separate a race into classes based on equipment used, should both races be deemed separate "disciplines" and both count in the World Ranking? (ISSA Decision: NO, only a single race discipline per event can count in the World Ranking, and this should be the race discipline with the most "traditional" and "uncontroversial" equipment class. It is for this reason that the ISSA discourages the practice of separate equipment classes (see item D above).

H) Does the ISSA encourage race organizers to ban or disallow contoversial equipment: (ISSA Recommendation: NO, if the equipment is close enough to be called a "skateboard" then it should be allowed.)

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