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At ASR we ran into Craig from Satori, He agreed to do an interview and here it is. He discuss's things and stuff, mentions vegan cheesecake and some things about right living, the sort of answers you would expect when their name signifies "mindless flow of the moment". I'm just stoked to hear they will be bringing out longboard decks. Good guy, good words, from a good company. In this day of chimps and thieves it's nice to know that Satori exists. What was your introduction to skating?

Gosh, hard to remember, I have been skating for so long. Since the 3rd grade so I don’t even remember how young I was then- 10 or something. I just saw some skaters in my neighborhood and just was so attracted to skating and took forever to convince my mom to let me skate cause she was a nurse but I was determined to skate and haven’t stopped since over 17 years later

At what point was there a transition that led to Satori as it is now?

Satori vibes haven’t really changed from the start. If I dig out our original mission statement, all the foundation is still present and just supporting true skateboarding and natural lifestyle cultures with hemp and ital livity

Satori itself has a rather auspicious meaning, what do you intend to imply with”Satori Movement?”

satori means to be in the mindless flow of the moment. When the senses are in pure state of awareness and simply stated as enlightenment. So the movement is about bringing some awareness to skaters and people that everything is within the fullness of oneself. The movement’s intention is to spread some cultural awareness from a perspective of our livelihood which happens to be skateboarding- our meditation---

With the collection of shortboard products you carry, what or who was responsible for the addition of your larger softer Goo-Balls wheel set?

Well, a few of us here wanted to diversify. We are not here just to segment and be this for this little nitche. Everyone should have a crusier board for going to the store or just to bomb a hill. So skateboarding covers so many styles, we don’t want to leave anyone out—it is all skateboarding---- so the skaters out there that enjoy a soft ride are responsible for the goo balls- plus, they just sound good--- every one needs some goo in their life!

You guys seem to be gearing up for some releases, what have you been working on?

so many things… mostly, we have been focusing on the release of our new video, Mapping Time In Space.. it is a locational tour video- featuring the whole satori team amongst the years of traveling and so the video is segmented in parts where the skating took place not segmented by the skater- there are also no names in the video to distract from focusing on the skateboarding itself--- if kids want names on every clip, they have to turn on subtitles--- trying to keep the focus on what it is all about--- the skateboarding!!! The video will be out next month and premieres are happening around the country at this time!! good stuff and then another video on the way for this summer---

What involvement do you guys have with grassroots efforts.

We are a grassroots company to the fullest so everything is within the effort to cultivate a healthy yard of green pastrures

Your company seems to take a conscious level of responsibility as far as utilizing hemp clothing.

What difficulties do you find being an environmentally conscious retail, but in a industry where we rely on urethane and industrial glues? Yeah man.. to get anywhere in life, seems that compromise is nessecary but at the same time, we keep true to the ideals of our vision. So we know the manufacturing of wheels sucks basically, but maybe as we grow and have more capabilities, we can work to develop a more renewable wheel—it is in the plans!! So yeah know, all in due time we hope- there are the difficulties in the sense that stores want cheap cheap!! Hemp is not cheap, quality is not cheap so our goods of a higher quality tend to cost a bit more and unfortunately too many shop buyers are hestitant even though most consumers know quality is worth a couple more dollars!

Do you carry your mindful attitude to other facets of your enterprise?

Every aspect.

What do you think of the current image based climate of the retail skateboarding market and how it pertains to the image of a skater?

Most companies are just chasing for the hot new thing with no consistency in what they are all about but skating is losing the rootical feeling of why many of us love it so much—nowadays, kids are just raised to jump!~

How’s life?

Tough question- life is always great in the natural sense of creation but then society and politics and evil doers bring in corruption and falsity so life is good but we must strive to better the state of worldly affairs!!!

Where do you see the industry in ten years?

I have no idea but I think a trend toward having fun and actually skating will be cool again once the one hit banger phase fades a bit- it is fun to see lines and watch people skate more so then just jump jump!

Where do you see Satori in ten years?

I have a hard enough time thinking about next month!

What’s your favorite pie?

Vegan organic raw cheez cake--- some good stuff

Maybe I am injecting my own opinion in this but, working in an industry that more and more seems to focus on the image as opposed to the content what do you do to remain centered and certain of true intent.

Just be ourselves and do our thing and simply keeps the intent what it should be. We don’t pay that much attention to what the other companies are doing cause we just rather do our thing the way we do it and that keeps it pure

You got any sessions while on your travels that stand out in your mind?

Too many global travels that will forever be with me----

Where is your favorite place you have visited?

Hard to say, everywhere is unique and has some greatness—I like Jamaica a lot cause of the culture and tropical weather

Your shortboard graphics and designs are really striking and stand-alone , do you have any plans on printing a longboard anytime soon?

Creation boards you mean… yeah, we are planning to launch some longboards for sure---

Anything you want to add?

Have a great day!

Craig... Much respect boss and thanks for the contribution and time spent, you can check out more about Satori Movement and their products at Satori Movement

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