Silverfish Longboarding Skateboard Board Bag 2013 Edition

Once again...we're bringing back the most-requested "Silverfish Special" we've ever done:


The Silverfish Longboarding

Skateboard Board Bag

  2013 Edition



Silverfish has brought back the hardest-working board bag longboarding has ever known.  Fresh off the boat and cleared by scrutinous, greedy customs agents, the 2013 'fish bag has all the updates from our original and remains the most-traveled, most durable, most popular longboard bag you can get (finally).  These bags have safely carried boards around the globe, across towns, campuses and more.  Here, we'll give you a basic rundown on the Silverfish Longboarding Board Bag, a quick look at all the rad details that make this gear hauler the one you want for traveling with your board or even just for safely storing them. Whether you're checking in your skate at the airport or hiking up the hill, this bag works with you and will commit just as hard to getting you to the session as you will once you are on the hill.



Capacious!   (We looked it up.)

The Silverfish Longboarding Board Bag will accomodate one or more 48" speedboards with plenty of storage space for your pads, gloves, extra shirt and some grub.  If you're skating shorter decks, you can stash your slalom and park longboards in it, flip up our famous "helmet saver" partition and stash your helmet in a padded compartment large enough to handle a full-face!  Traveling with a combination of boards?  No problem!· There's plenty of room for pads, internal and external pockets for paperwork, gloves and small gear, and both a shoulder strap and a backpack feature for hauling it up hills, but that you can unclip and conceal to prevent snaggage when you check it as luggage.  The 'fish bags have hauled boards all over the world on planes, trains, busses and on the backs of skaters using Eurail to follow the IGSA World Cup Circuit.   

Click through to see and read more about the Silverfish Longboarding Board Bag..


We first designed the 'fish bag to solve a problem:  getting our board, pads, gloves and a helmet to a session without feeling like we were battling with Cathulu. The main issues were space, organization, accessibility of our gear and durability of the bag. Th 'fish bag takes all those issues on in stride.



Two boards, strapped in securely, plenty of extra space.


The 'fish bag's dimensions give it plenty of room for a complete deck up to 48” long and a foot of width. The bag's depth is well over 8”, letting you stack board and gear and arranging it all so you have access to it. This bag can be used easily to handle your longer decks, with your lid set between the trucks on top of your board but, if you feel the need to take better care of your helmet there is a flap that flips up and locks in with Velcro, easily giving you enough room for a 36” deck and being able to keep your helmet in pristine condition.



All this gear easily fits behind the helmet flap...


The 'fish bag is designed specifically for longboarders.  Now, we had some great examples working with the other bags that we first bought and used, ranging from golf bags to rifle cases and the excellent Old Man Army bags, so we knew what we were looking for when we designed this.  It's got a full side flap that you can open just as a "top" or you can drop the beefy zippers all the way down and open the whole side of the bag, like you see in the photos here. The sides of the bags are not only thick and padded, to minimize bump-damage, but they're also waterproof.  So, if the asphalt or grass on the side of the road is wet, you and your boards are not, even if you use the wide flap for a place to sit.


You get three zippered pockets:  one behind the backpack straps that will easily hold those straps (they're attached inside the pouch and stow completely) and the shoulder strap; a dual-zip pocket on the outside flap, just under the Silverfish Longboarding logo that's perfect for plane tickets and stickers; and a long, dual-zip pocket on the inside of the main flap that's great for stashing gloves, tools, your money and ID, etc...  Right next to the inside pocket, we've got you a beefy stainless steel clip for your car keys and a Sharpie loop. We reserved the rest of the interior for what it was designed to do: haul gear.




 SF skatebag flat back 2

Stowable backpack straps and detachable shoulder strap.

Check out that new Daddies Board Shop logo... a hint to where you can get 'em!



The highly useful end-grip, for luggage handlers and loading.



Interior straps to keep your boards locked in place.


The Specifics

Zippers: YKK
Velcro: YKK Quicklon
Straps: Heavy Duty Nylon
Interior: PVC Impregnated Tarpaulin
Exterior: Heavy Duty Rubber Backed Polyester
Dimensions: 48”x8”x12”

The bag has stowable heavy padding shoulder straps.
Bag can be carried with back straps, top handle or sling.
  3 Large Pockets
Heavy duty strapping and rings
Uber- Metal Key Ring
Helmet compartment

MSRP 2013:  $175.00



With the flap sides left up, the Silverfish Longboard Bag still has a large opening for big boards.


The Silverfish Longboarding Board bag is not just a great place to put things, but a great way to get them around if you travel.  The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry low, and it detaches if you prefer to use just the briefcase handle.   The backpack straps are firmly padded and unclip at the base to stow inside their own pocket. All of the strapping is just as heavy duty as the zippers, lining and material.  This beast is designed to take a beating and ours certainly have... The previous versions of this bag have been all over the world, and chances are if it’s a major session – one of our bags is there.  We've seen them in airports and strapped on luggage racks on the way to IDSA push races, slalom races, slide jams and garage sessions and slid out from under dorm room beds full of boards for the day.    One more thing:  the color blue.  We've boosted the lighting on these shots so you can see details, but although the color is a deep, dark blue, it still stands out in the luggage carousel at the airport.  It's not just another black bag in what can be a sea of black bags coming along the queue -- you can find this one pretty quickly.




Want one? Well, click here to buy it now.






Yeah, uh will it fit mah sixty?

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