Skate Like a Girl!! The Downhill Divas.

Have you heard of the Downhill Divas?  Stoked shredders, coaches and “students”, they skate pools, parks, slalom, slide and speed throughout North America and include skaters ranging from your big sister to speedboarders Judith Rogers & Carly Richardson, all-arounders like Isabelle Fried & Judi Oyama, & cone rippers Lynn Kramer and Cat Young.  Now, the gang are bringing their Women-Only skate club events back to San Diego and the Central Coast!




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We've managed to sneak our crews into past Diva clinics, and we've reported to you how totally organized and stoked Isabelle and her team are.  The Divas is open to all female skaters, regardless of experience! Are you just learning to skate, and looking for a fun, supportive place to learn and work on skating technique without your pesky boyfriend or hubby trying to tell you how "he'd do it"?  Ha Ha!!   Are you already shredding, but want to learn about sliding, slalom or speedboarding?  Isabelle and her crew include Divas that were "new" just like you not too long ago, and skaters at the very top of womens' competitive skateboarding.  It’s open, stoked and fun!   



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Silverfish Longboarding is proud to support the Downhill Divas.  Go Skate!

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