Slalom Racing Gets Serious: the American Slalom Skateboard Association

In January 2006, Marion Karr (Dixie Cup organizer) and Gary Fluitt (High Peaks Drifter) decided it was time get slalom race organizers together in the U.S. so that they could pool their collective purchasing power for things like insurance and infrastructure. Other promoters agreed, and about one month ago, a

"With event insurance in hand, we went to the slalom manufacturers and asked if they would partner with us to support the ASSA. The response was not surprising; within a couple of weeks we had a dozen sponsors step up with support. The founding sponsors of the ASSA are:


Concrete Wave Magazine

Gravity Skateboards

Insect Skateboards

Khiro Skateboard Products

Oust Bearings

Radikal Trucks

Roe Racing/Roe Slalom Skateboards



Asphalt Playground

Subsonic Skateboards

Tracker Trucks

Each of these founding sponsors of the ASSA have given signficant support, demonstrating that these companies are willing to step up & support slalom racing with the money necessary to move the sport forward.

The ASSA is a "Group Purchasing Organization". Essentially, this GPO is a group of individuals putting on races out of their own pockets but coming together to buy insurance and to develop sponsors for the program. Our purpose is to grow the sport and provide racing opportunities. The members are race organizers and we think our joint efforts will make existing slalom races better, while paving the way for an expansion of our sport across the country.

What ASSA is NOT: we don

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