Sonnet Style Silverfish Stickers

(These are all sold... sorry you missed 'em!)

Sonnet Style Silverfish Stickers

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The inspiration: Orbit's "Silverfish Sign?" thread. Maybe it was time for a recognizable design that could even be identified by longboarders in general everywhere; time to show off some Silverfish pride.

Jaredkent lead the way by initially drawing a Silverfish stencil. From there, the design drew itself - a Silverfish abstract coupled with recognizable longboarding paraphernalia (can you find all of them?). After several revisions, the stickers have evolved into the design that is offered today. These are high-quality, weatherproof clear vinyl 5"x3" stickers printed with metallic silver UV-resistant ink: it won't come off, and the ink won't fade after time. They are 5"x3", the size of your regular index card.


Sonnet is a 20-year old engineering student living in the United States. She's into art, but not professionally, and been in love with longboarding ever since she was introduced to it in June of this year. The stickers do not come pre-cut, but you can do it yourself (a pair of scizzors works); if it really bothers you, just let Sonnet know via forum PM and she will hand-cut them for you.


CAN/MEX (add $0.25 for shipping)

EU/Asia/AUS (add $0.50 for shipping)

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  • Ian Tilmann died after crashing out on a fun longboard run in Florida. Ian wasn't wearing a lid and never regained consciousness.  We lost a brother.
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    The Ian Tilmann Foundation  created the Helmet for a Promise program, where people are able to pledge to always wear a helmet and the foundation will provide one at no cost.  Click the logo or the text. Read More +
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