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Rocket Longboards


ROCKET Longboards stands for downhill and freeride boards that correspond to the highest quality standards. All the boards are developed and hand made by Daniel Iseli in Switzerland. This development is supported by 12 years of experience in downhill longboarding. In a consistent exchange with active members of the longboard community, new ideas are tested and improved. Thanks to many years of experience in building high end longboards with glass and carbon fibers, the optimal symbiosis of different types of wood and the matching fibers arose. Therefore, ROCKET Longboards are lighter and have less torsion than comparable solid wooden boards.


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The Rolling Tree Nimbus



Minneapolis, MN — August 4, 2014: Rolling Tree Skateboards is proud to announce the launch of The Nimbus, a classic asymmetrical double kick - reinvented. Designed by a global collective of artists and skateboarders, the Nimbus is the result of long hours spent bringing the perfect mixes of street and downhill disciplines into one deck. Whether bombing you’re your local runs or bustinʼ out a 360 flip in the parking lot - this board always feels solid.                         

The Nimbus features an asymmetrical 36” shape thats pressed on a symmetrical mold to ensure your concave will feel true no matter which way the board is pointing. Kicks rising out 15° from micro-dropped recesses and the 18” wheelbase create the perfect pitch for poppinʼ proper ollies. The 9.5” width stays consistent all the way up to the nose for predictable leverage throughout.

3D grab rails line the edges of the board to create the ideal grip for getting pitted over the coping of your local pool or performing flawless early grabs on the spot. Original graphics compliment the classic design, bringing a fresh homegrown look to The Nimbus. This product of global collaboration exemplifies the power of community design in a deck as clean as the lines it was designed to take.


Check out The Rolling Tree Nimbus in action:

What will we create next?

For more information, please visit:

About Rolling Tree Skateboards:

Rolling Tree is a collective of skateboarders and artists from around the world who come

together to share great ideas and create rad products in the process. Everything is created

within and designed by our open, global community.

The Hydro Pro Board – Jonas Richter Pro Model



On August 1st Bustin Boards be releasing the new HydroPRO ThermoCarbon downhill/freeride board to your favorite shops worldwide.  Designed for pro rider Jonas Richter, the new board is an ultra light, speed-stiff design constructed with Bustin’s special ThermoCarbon process and just 3 plies of good ole’ Canadian maple.  Enjoy the video that they produced along with Aera Trucks featuring Jonas on his new board on one of California’s newest secret spots…

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Lesmïr Cruisers


How deep is too deep?

Where does our space end and the infinity begin?

What stories slumber in human life which remain undiscovered?

These are the questions that float around in our mind at the very beginning of our journey.

Lesmïr is independent group of artists who are working on original and bespoke products. After All-Over T-shirt collection we put together our abilities and experiences in cruising to made special collection of boards.

Feel the road. Stay free. Be Lesmïr.

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A Promise Kept: Gravity Release of the Shane Hidalgo 36"


In May of 2012 we lost one of the most stylish, kind, humble & promising ride-it-all skaters.

Shane was, for lack of a better definition, a skaters skater. Stoke filled smoothness with both style and a smile you could easily see a block away.

Last month his pro-model was finally released from the crew at Gravity Skateboards in Oceanside, Ca.

I had the good fortune of spending several days with Shane camping at the infamous Toyland Ranch and covering slashing of California's Central Coast along with other notable attendees such as Dave Hackett, Guto Lamera, Chris Yandall (rip), Sergio & Fernando Yuppie and of course Jonny Miller, just to name a few.

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News Flash

  • Ian Tilmann died after crashing out on a fun longboard run in Florida. Ian wasn't wearing a lid and never regained consciousness.  We lost a brother.
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    The Ian Tilmann Foundation  created the Helmet for a Promise program, where people are able to pledge to always wear a helmet and the foundation will provide one at no cost.  Click the logo or the text. Read More +
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Press Releases