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2011 Longboard Buyers Guide by Concrete Wave Magazine

The 2011 Longboard Buyers Guide By Concrete Wave

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A note from publisher, Michael Brooke: 

"Hard to believe that this marks the eighth anniversary of our Buyer’s Guide! Many things have happened since the first issue of CW rolled off the presses back in 2002. It’s been fascinating to see the development of longboarding (and all its offshoots). It has taken quite a bit of time, but the fact is that longboarding is truly its own category in the commercial market, now.  Our sport isn't just the basis for the excellent online retailers that have supported longboarding for years, but now also a major part of "brick & mortar" shops' plans to serve their retail communities. "


"You and longboarding have carved out your own seat at the action-sports table!  Skaters who visit Silverfish Longboarding know this already, because each of you are making this happend, but longboarding has a unique culture and vibe that welcomes variety in both thought and action. This year’s Concrete Wave Longboard Buyers Guide celebrates this in a way we’ve never done before:  we've got enough products and vendors to focus on what you and tens of thousands of skateboarders want to know:  which longboards and related products are out there for you.   It truly feels like 2011 is the year things really start to explode!"





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News Flash

  • Ian Tilmann died after crashing out on a fun longboard run in Florida. Ian wasn't wearing a lid and never regained consciousness.  We lost a brother.
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    The Ian Tilmann Foundation  created the Helmet for a Promise program, where people are able to pledge to always wear a helmet and the foundation will provide one at no cost.  Click the logo or the text. Read More +
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