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Divine Wheels New Releases

Divine Wheels New Releases


It’s hard to believe that Divine Wheel Co. has been lurking in the shadows for almost 2 years now! We wanted to start slow and work our way into a solid lineup of unique shapes and killer formulas designed for superior performance and a long lasting ride. Since conception, we’ve been closely watching and listening to all the feedback from the underground hill rippers and concrete killers and we think we’ve delivered the best wheels money can buy.

In 2010, we started with the race inspired 65mm “Heart” and 70mm “Touch” wheels, poured in our exclusive road gripping urethane. After adding a scaled-up 75mm we wanted to simplify things a bit and decided to change all those particular names and graphics to one simple wheel name. We felt the shape and long lasting performance urethane should be amply named… “ROAD RIPPERS!” These wheels are an underground favorite. Road Rippers grip, and last forever. If you race and go through tons of wheels these babies will save you cash!


Next, we decided to design a more old school street/ditch wheel that could be ridden on almost any terrain. We were looking for a good medium sized soft wheel with a simple shape. We decided on a center-set, radiused lipped wheel in a new thane specifically built for sliding AND grabbing the concrete at the same time…  Perfect for all around shredding, the “City Slasher” was born…. This is Kody Noble's go-to street wheel! Don’t believe us? Go ask Kody!


Our “CITY SLASHERS” were the next wheel released in 64mm. Made with radiused lips and in a new thane specifically built for sliding and grabbing the crete at the same time…  Perfect for an all around shredding wheel.  From parks, banks and ditches to bombing, slashing and freeriding.  Offered in 78, 82 and 86a, look out for a few harder versions in 92a and 96a the near future.


For an eyeful of radness, check out our newest team edition Dan Couch killing it on the City Slashers. This vid was filmed in downtown Seattle by another one of riders Cody Shea.

Our latest offering was a freeride-slide wheel we named “STREET SLAYERS.” Dubes worked extensively with team riders to develop a shape that was both fresh and more importantly had a consistent wear throughout the life of the wheel. After nailing the shape, we went into thorough testing to dial in a formula that we could confidently put our name on. We believe that our Street Slayers are the best freeride slide wheel in the market today. They have a consistent slide and last a lot longer then most wheels on the market. Plus we got mad colors to choose from! Street Slayers come in 72mm 78a and 82a. We’re also working on a new 86a and 90a!



Check out the Street Slayer review our friends at did for this wheel:

Now that our website has finally dropped, we hope you enjoy what we have to offer. We have team pages, media, ad archives, and tons of products for you to salivate over. We’ll be tossing up fresh videos on a regular basis and updating the site with tons of good stuff so check back often. Our next video will ready to blast in about a week. It features our Pacific Northwest contingent of Divine riders. Cam Owen, Cody Shea, Dennis Manougian and Rain Daley. They take some chill runs out in the cold weather of central Washington.

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