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 From the Beach to the Big City

The Journey began in the island of demons and gods, where the surf culture is cultivated in a unique and beautiful manner, surrounded by some of the most fantastic nature on the planet. Perfect surfing with clear blue water – waves breaking almost magical again, again and again.

Returning to the Scandinavian Capital, Copenhagen - the fantastic waves was changed out with massive concrete, the friendly and outgoing population was changed out with white-collars, businessmen, punks, b-boys etc.

Jibe Longboards was born ultimo 2012. The need for a platform where (concrete) surfing could be practiced, and an environment similar to the one from the surf culture - was bigger than ever.

Inspired by the waves and culture surrounding it, Jibe Longboards strives to bring this feeling to the urban environment. Longboarding is about interacting with fellow ”bon vivants”, exploring and having fun! Promoting this is our #1 goal.

The quality products of Jibe Longboards are supported by e.g. Paris, Abec 11 and Tunnel Wheels. Delivering longboards that can last and perform is a criteria if you want to be taken seriously.

“Longboards is what we produce - Longboarding is what we support & develop.”



From then to now

At this point Jibe has completed 3 years of its journey. So fare 18 dealers are hooked on our products/organization, all over Denmark.  We continuously associate with our partners and riders in the course of making and delivering new products and bring more life to the sport/culture.


Jibe chooses carefully it’s designer for its final longboards. All our designers are local and young talented artists. Our designers are likeminded young and passionate entrepreneurs with a unique story and a unique approach to life

Through out the years we’ve gained great success and lots of fun by organizing and supporting local longboard initiatives. We have been succeed to make people happy and share their joy, by hosting events, workshops, publish magazine etc.



Jibe’s Values

We see longboarding as more than a wicked alternative transport device or performance tool. Longboarding is a culture with unique character and the potential of contribute to a greener and a happier planet. It’s a lifestyle that embraces freedom and a hang loose spirit - taking the adventure seeking mentality from surf culture into urban surroundings. Jibe brings people together; we are open-minded and promote diversity. Jibe has an optimistic mindset that exhibits a great love for life.  “Promoting a Passion”

The environment

We enjoy new people and community to be the part of our journey along the way. Seeking a cleaner world by increasing alternative transport device and reduce CO2, with mutual interest and longloboarding culture: we can make a difference. Through a partnership with TREES FOR THE FUTURE, Inc. we are planting 3-4 trees every time we sell a longboard. By doing so we can give back to the nature a part of what we live of. We as a human has power to think for the future and longboarding culture can connect us together which is the least we can do. Therefore, we encourage the longboarding culture to promote its essence in our daily life.



Bless the community

We feel privileged and honor to have all the supporters on board.  We have been hitting many excited events around Denmark. Through events unique community spirit is created where riders and associates from all over meets, ride and have fun!

We’ve created a range of workshops with local governments, in order to push longboarding into the teenagers daily life, in order to take them away from computers and PlayStations – bust their hidden passion for some real street bombing.

The first Danish longboard magazine, where the team behind Jibe Longboards where in the making, was set in order to have a national-wide platform, share local experiences, connect riders and promote what we believe is a culture/sport that is truly fun and open-minded lifestyle with a highly sustainable aspect.

“We are committed to promote the longboarding culture not only in Denmark but communities in any part of the world.”

People are very important to Jibe longboards, People who loves longboarding and thinks; life is an adventure and has right to create and spread the joy in their life as well as others. Jibe longboards hats off and welcome to you all to join and to reach our goal.




Jibe Longboards has been expanded rapidly in Denmark and is now ready to enter the international markets. Selling longboards has never been our highest interest. Interests that keep us attract and alive is to unify our mutual passion with riders. Going abroad mean that we can engage with new exiting riders and cultures.

We see lots of opportunities in the roots of longboarding. More people have to be engaged into this fantastic lifestyle. Whether it’s for freeride, freestyle, downhill, transportation and even more important; just having fun – one thing is for sure, EVERYBODY ARE WELCOME


Longborders can shout to us at our home page. We are curious to meet all those crazy riders out there. We are already in the coordination with event organizers, festivals, riders and shops out off Denmark. The next couple of year is going to be exited as FUC*, and we are ready to take the next step!

”A small step for mankind, a giant leap for Jibe Longboards”.




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