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Kryptonics Returns!



Old Krypto 400

These right here are 1970's Kryptos...


Here’s one simple way to determine whether a skateboarder is truly, really “OG”: can he or she tell you what it was like to skate Kryptonics when they first came out? Oh sure, we’ve all seen the part in Lords of Dogtown (or “Z-Boys”) when the epiphany with urethane wheels over clay and steel happened, but for many skaters the difference between “before the Red Krypto” and after is nearly as large. These wheels weren’t just a little bit better, they changed everything.

So now, fast-forward a few decades and any longboarder paying attention knows all about the importance of good ‘thane and has good reason to know what “high rebound” means. Well, the original Kryptonics wheels were the first high-rebound urethane skateboard wheels and, before the brand devolved into meaningless labels on discount-store popsicle stick boards, Kryptonics remained some of the best wheels ever on the asphalt.   It’s been more than a few skaters who have dreamed of renewing what once was, and now it looks like the dudes over at Dusters California are giving it a serious, solid go.  Here's their press release:



New Kryptos 400

Brand-new Kryptos and don't they look "right"?


Dusters California is proud to announce it is bringing back Kryptonics Star*Trac Wheels. Soon to be unveiled, you will once again have the Force of advanced technology at your command. New wheels that will take you far beyond the performance capabilities of your present equipment, into the outer limits of urethane technology. 



Following in the footsteps of Jim Ford, a young Kryptonics employee who snuck into the factory after hours in 1976 to create the first Star*Trac wheels, and brilliant urethane chemist Chuck Demarest, we have reformulated the softer compounds to be tougher and faster. Soon you will see those new compounds and other major advancements come together in a sophisticated selection of skateboard wheels.


Three durometers of wheels will be released in the original sizes and shapes, plus one new size. The iconic Kryptonics Star*Trac 70mm red wheel was faster than any other wheel and able to roll over small boulders. The original will be developed and enhanced by adding a 75mm size to the new Kryptonics Star*Trac wheel collection. Perfect for your favorite downhill run, boardwalk cruise or your daily commute. Roll fast, roll long!


Krypto Logo 400


Red 78A– Fast and smooth. Great acceleration with predictable traction. Excels on rough surfaces. Glides like butter on every other surface. This is the wheel that changed everything. If you’re old enough you’ll remember the feeling, and if you’re not, you can experience it now.


Blue 82A– A touch softer,  but more forgiving than the 1970s (86A) version. Slap ‘em on your favorite reissue deck and take it to the streets or parks. Plenty of speed and flow, especially on smoother surfaces. 


Green 86A– Not quite as hard as the original green (91A) introduced by Kryptonics in 1976, the new "green" offers a smooth quite ride on both rough and smooth surfaces. Perfect for your neighborhood ditch and streets. All are available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm and a new 75mm.


Are you interested to read more about the history the wheels that changed everything?  Check out the interview with Jack Smith and others in TransWorld Biz.  That one's worth a read!


Keep yours eyes on the 'fish:  we'll let you know when they come out and will send the Longboard Consortium skaters out on several sets for a review, ASAP.



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