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Powa Downhill Machine

Powa Downhill Machine

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Created by designer Nuno Pereira for Powa, it s a project that goes way far from the conventional skate concept… it became a downhill machine…

The deck is made for speed, more area on the front, to position the front foot, less area on the back to the tip of the back foot

Rails are chamfered, it improves aerodynamics and gives a better feeling when grabbing the deck

The purpose of an adjustable skate is that we can have a setup for each hill, according to the hill and the personal preferences of the rider.

You can adjust the trucks between 0 and 90 degrees, you can put one truck with a very aggressive angle, as you can put it with zero turning. Each truck adjustment is independent. When you adjust the truck you are also adjusting the wheelbase. You can adjust the ground clearance, truck width,  truck angle, wheelbase and weight

These trucks have the same precision that CNC machined trucks have.




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You can create lift or downforce, making a variation between the front and back truck. On a very fast hill you can create lift to achieve higher speed, on a more technical one you can create downforce to have more corner support

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You can distribute the weight on the front or back, if you want the back end more loose, or the front, you just add or reduce weight where you wish. You can have a heavier skate on fast hills, to maintain momentum or you can reduce it on twisty ones.

With a conventional skate, if you want to have this possibilities you would have to own a lot of decks, trucks, baseplates, hangars, risers, etc… until you get to the perfect combination. That combination would never be perfect because a rider is constantly evolving, today needs are never the tomorrow needs. With the downhill machine, you just have to unscrew and screw some bolts and you are ready to go.  To adjust the ground clearance you add or take carbon fiber shims, this assure precision and ease on the adjustment.  To adjust the truck angle you replace carbon fiber plates.  You can experience almost infinite combinations.

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You can have a drop deck, a top mount, a drop trough, evo setup, etc…

The rider adjusts the skate according to the hill, and his needs in that precise moment, optimizing the performance.

This ‘skate’ was not thought as a  deck to mount other trucks, it was  projected as one.

At the end, this is giving the adjustability that you have on a racing car or motorcycle to a skate, that’s why it is a downhill machine

The trucks are made from aerospace grade aluminium, the axles are machined from solid block of  chromium vanadium steel

The deck has a birch and airex core and it is vacuum laminated with carbon fiber and epoxy resin.The standard deck has very little longitudinal and torsional flex but this can be fine tuned for each rider preference

New decks with other materials are being tested…

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Truck width: 190-215

Ground clearance:20-90mm

Truck angle: 0-90º

weight: 4.7kgs (adjustable)

deck lenght: 800mm

deck width:255mm

londitudinal flex: very little

torsional flex:  no flex

wheelbase: variable


At Powa, We don’t like selling to ‘clients’ and  we don’t like to call our products objects, we don’t like mass production without meaning

We like to provide pieces of well thought design and engineering to people have fun and enjoy life. These are much more than objects, are extensions of the human soul…  We put a piece of our souls in each project, our passion and excitment  is present in each one.

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We don’t do disposable products,  our products are designed to last. Our products are not expensive, what you pay is a part of the work,  the rest of is paid with enthusiasm, the stoke we get when we see someone rocking and loving our extensions of the soul…

Nuno can make ‘custom’ boards, but there is not guaranteed that he will make every project. Each project is selected by him, or has he likes to say, he is selected by the projects. He chooses the projects based on if he likes the project, and the people. He won’t make copies or simple re-designs, if you ask him to do something difficult and innovative, it will probably do it if the likes you.  In this case , the product is one of a kind, the person who asked for it gets a masterpiece.

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Our products are made by riders for riders,. Each product is tested by the design/engineering team and by our team riders. The first to ride is the one who created. We trust what we do.

Nuno’s design is minimalist, functionalist, and therefore sustainable too. Each element has a function and is well thought, nothing is left by chance. The aim is always to use the less possible material and make the products last.  He his always looking for new ways of making , thinking, and new materials. There are no boundaries, you can see materials of all areas come to others, where normally wouldn’t  be found.  There are no limits, or limitations.

Each product have a long design development, physical models, 3d modeling, prototypes ,etc We use technology, it saves time and material, but each product is handcrafted to perfection, and at the end of the day, the most important is the human part.

Several decks are being developed, a street luge, a gravity bike, conventional precision trucks, and wheels, but there are always new projects coming up…

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For now we have two available , the Downhill Machine and the Speedfeel

A video of the downhill machine and the speedfeel is being produced…

The website, , is currently being updated but you can check us on facebook



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