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Skate Rags Online!

As you wipe the misty dew from your eyes on the morning after Christmas, what better to use than a rag?  A rag, you say?


Longboarding + Fashion = Skate Rags Online!

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West New York, New Jersey - 12/01/2009 - Skate Rags Online /, an online company that sells original designs and iconic skateboarding T-shirts has gone live.

"Aesthetically smooth and fast is the true nature of longboarding," says owner Adam J. Dabonka about his motivation and desire for starting this new project.

A solid name and figure in the longboard scene for years now, Dabonka's new project - Skate Rags Online - blends his eye for fashion and desire to skate every single day.

"I've always had a keen sense at spotting emerging trends in fashion. I've been longboarding for years now, and I think there is a gap in the market for stylish T-shirt designs that have longboard themes," Dabonka says. "Most shirts out there now are just basically company logos, one-color screen-printed shirts that don't offer much in terms of style and quality. That's where I come in and the ground on which Skate Rags Online will stand."
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The first design is a collaborative effort with a talented artist named Alex Melendrez. It took two months to finalize the design after a number of tweaks. "Alex and I have full-time jobs and I have been busy with attending races, events and other life responsibilities," Dabonka says. "There are many people I owe thanks to for getting this off the ground.""It took a while, but in the end it was worth the wait and extra effort to get the design to where it is today."

Right now there is one design up for sale, The Longboard Buddha, but by early next year skaters and fashionistas alike can expect to see at least two more designs available at

Why call the company Skate Rags? "Simple. Anyone who has ever touched a skateboard knows that you learn by falling. After skating all day, your favorite shirt gets tattered and after a few weeks, what was once your favorite shirt is now just a rag! Life is not a spectator sport, you have to get out there and live...even if that means getting a little dirty! Skate Rags was my gut feeling and I'm sticking with it."

The first design, The Longboard Buddha, is competitively priced at $18.00 and is available in sizes small through XXL.

Skate Rags Online is now open for business and taking orders! Get in on the ground floor at

News Flash

  • Not all skate shirts are black!   Check out the Silverfish Gear Page .  There are new men's, women's and kids' shirts!  (Some are even black.)


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     We're using "spreadshirt", so you order straight from them.  Dig through the listings and you'll find some classic 'Fish designs, including shirts with art taken from member Ryan's art-pen drawings.  Have an idea for a shirt?  Send it in!
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