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The 9x World Surfing Champion’s new swallowtail shape arrives in stores this summer.

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Venice, CA - May 25, 2009 - The Arbor Collective is proud to announce the release of a new model created with friend and nine-time ASP World Surfing Champion, Kelly Slater. This follow up design builds on the foundation created by Arbor’s original Slater Model. The updated design provides speed down the line and the tightest turning available from any of Arbor’s carve oriented skateboards. “The new swallowtail design was inspired by some of the boards Slater has been surfing recently,” said Bob Carlson, Arbor’s cofounder.  

Kelly Slater is arguably the best competitive surfer ever. He has won an amazing nine world titles, five of which were consecutive, and is showing no signs of letting up. “Kelly’s life is rooted in the world competitive surfing and all that comes with that path,” says Carlson. “This led us to work with Venice, California based artist, Jake Pickle to develop a graphic that highlights the important elements in Kelly’s life: surfing, music, travel, and friends.”

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The new Salter Model, which is now more competitively priced at $179, is a 37” long tapered carver, with a concave profile that is 8.75” wide. A 26.30” wheelbase creates the stability and performance of large-radius turning. The Slater Model also features Arbor’s gummy 65mm, 78a durometer wheels for a smoother ride, and Gullwing 9” reverse kingpin trucks for tighter turn initiation.

The new Slater Model is built with a unique blend of materials that deliver a powerful combination of attributes, including: performance, an important amount of surf heritage, and a respect for the planet. “It’s the environment that makes a life of surf, skate, and snow possible,” added Carlson. “This awareness has always been important to Kelly and Arbor; it drove our design efforts ensuring that the new Slater Model is as friendly on the environment as possible.” 


Seven Plys of Sustainably Sourced Hardrock Maple: Maple provides the best blend of durability and lightweight performance. It's also readily available and affordable, which allows Arbor to offer a price point that is uncommonly low for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Finish Ply of Sustainably Sourced Hawaiian Koa: This hardwood’s more densely packed fibers add important structure, which improves return, while providing a one-of-a-kind grain pattern on each deck. Koa wood was used by the Hawaiians to build the first surfboards 600+ years ago.

Recycled Glass Re-Grip: Each skateboard is gripped with long-lasting crushed recycled glass. This ultra clear grip surface allows the deck’s natural grain and color to remain highly visible, while providing better performance than silica bead alternatives.

Water-Based Finishes: All Arbor skateboards are produced using a water-based sanding sealer and final finish to help protect the air we breathe, especially when skating.

Recycled Plastic Risers: All complete skateboards are shipped with recycled plastic risers, which allow Arbor to reduce dependence on petroleum-based plastics, while contributing to a reduction in the use of landfills and the proliferation of plastic pollution.

Reclaimed Wood Byproduct: All wood byproduct created during the production of Arbor skateboards is reclaimed for use in other Arbor products or by outside companies. This allows Arbor to stretch an important resource, while helping to reduce strain on landfills and forests.

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ABOUT THE ARBOR COLLECTIVE: Arbor was founded in 1995 on the assertion that solutions to many of today’s most difficult snow, skate, and apparel design challenges exist in the natural world. For 14 years, Arbor has built on the belief of replacing, environmentally harmful materials with ecologically based, natural alternatives. Arbor’s goal is to create a higher level of function and relevance in the most responsible way possible. The end result must be improved style and performance, with significantly reduced impact on the environment. “We need clean air to skate, clean water to surf, and snow to ride…”

shots credit Tom Servais

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