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The Mini-Abbatis

Is your mini a racer or is your racer a mini? The Mini-Abbatis!

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Daddies Board Shop and Rayne Longboards came out with the “The Abbatis” limited edition Hellcat in Spring of ’09 and blew through three runs of board this summer.

Daddies just had to have a couple mini versions of the board made for the twins and WHO KNEW there was an untapped need for a mini race board? There were so many requests after one of the mini versions appeared in Concrete Wave held by the child of a Rayne guy that a complete run of the boards seemed to be in order.


The Mini-Abbatis is totally different from its big brother. Based on the thinner construction of the Hustler it has a slight bit of flex for my 145lbs and a gentle concave. Quick and maneuverable, this little ripper is a great ride for young and old.



Length: 30.75"
Width: 8.75”
Wheelbase: 20.5"
Flex: Slight Flex for 145lbs person
Concave: Rayne Hustler Origins
Construction: Bamboo, multi axial fiberglass, carbon fiber stringers and a high-pressure composite laminate bottom layer.
Mounting: Drop Through/Wheel Cut Outs

News Flash

  • Ian Tilmann died after crashing out on a fun longboard run in Florida. Ian wasn't wearing a lid and never regained consciousness.  We lost a brother.
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    The Ian Tilmann Foundation  created the Helmet for a Promise program, where people are able to pledge to always wear a helmet and the foundation will provide one at no cost.  Click the logo or the text. Read More +
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