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The Silverfish Centrax Deal


The Amazing Silverfish Longboarding Centrax Deal


On November 26th, Douglas Silva TQ'd the first day of Qualifying at IGSA's Newton's Nation in Australia.  Silva was riding on, among other things, a set of "racers choice" wheels from his sponsor, Abec 11.  His wheels?  The 77mm Centrax wheel in 77a, Reflex urethane.  Now, Chris Chaput has a whole set of racers-choice wheels in different duros (but all in green) and the wheels Dalua is racing on are generally only for racers in that color, since the 77a Centrax "should" be pink.   But the wheelhouse misunderstood and sent a full run of the "pinks" in Lime.  We've got them for you, and at a Silverfishmas Discount:  $49 dollars, plus shipping.


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Yes, this is WAAAAAAY less than the pinks would be, and a freaking, banzai killer deal for Silverfish Longboarders.  As of right now, we only have shipping prices for the USA, but we will expand this in a few days to the rest of the planet.   So, for a total of $59.70 USA, $74.60 CND/MEX or $92.45 Anywhere Else, you score a set of very limited edition Centrax, with a very (hopefully) limited edition set of graphics on them, only made for Silverfish Longboarding. 
To Buy Your Set, Click Below
Shipping For Lime 77a Centrax
US $59.50 CND/Mex $76.60 All Other $92.45
 DEAL CONCLUDED.  Still Looking for a set?  Go to!

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