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Vugenhausen By Arbor Skateboards


Watch as Arbor Skateboards freeride team riders Eric Singer, Max Myers, Kody Noble and James Kelly set out on a quest to find the storied Vügenhausen. The Vügenhausen, Arbor’s new downhill machine, is built around a dark set of design secrets found deep in German engineering lore. It was thought it be a fairy tale, a legend, a myth, but it turns out this ultimate weapon of downhill skateboarding is real. The Vügenhausen has a progressive symmetrical design. It's wide, stiff as a rock, and with the added foot support, its a top mount freeride machine. It's now available at Arbor skateboard dealers across the world. Check out the Arbor Vügenhausen .

News Flash

  • Ian Tilmann died after crashing out on a fun longboard run in Florida. Ian wasn't wearing a lid and never regained consciousness.  We lost a brother.
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    The Ian Tilmann Foundation  created the Helmet for a Promise program, where people are able to pledge to always wear a helmet and the foundation will provide one at no cost.  Click the logo or the text. Read More +
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