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Exclusively on the 'Fish: 2007 Concrete Wave Buyers' Guide

With over 1,200 Items and more skateboard companies than you can shake a broken axle at, here it is:  the 2007 Concrete Wave Buyer's Guide.   It's bigger, it's better, and it's got secret links to free prizes!  The 100+ page Buyer's Guides just hit the mail house this week, and this mammoth variable Xanadu of all things skateboarding is ready for your perusal now, only on the 'Fish. This is the best reading material you're going to find that you can let your wife, girlfriend, mom or kids accidentally find.  Actually, now that we think of it, they will probably steal it so you should keep it with your collection of New Zealand Sheep Gone Wild.


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Seriously though, this issue of the Buyer's Guide has grown to include more product, more pages and even editorial pieces from egotistical bastards like Malakai Kingston and Mark Chandler, not to mention John Caften's writeup on speedboards and an interview by Dave Hackett.   Not to be outdone by TV Guide, this year's issue comes with four different covers.  Which one will be the big dollar item on eBay in ten years?  We don't know, but we've got all of them, right here, for you to look at and a PDF of the whole thing for anyone that just can't wait for the mailman to arrive!


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Once again, Silverfish has acquired a digital copy, and you can download the 2007 Concrete Wave Buyer's Guide from your #1 Longboarding Website, your faithful sherpa up the face of the changing skateboarding mountain for all things Concrete Wave.  Just click where it says: Download the Concrete Wave 2007 Buyers Guide , and follow the instructions.  Sit back, grab a cold drink and check out all of the items you're interested in, some you'll see for the first time and a few that will make you wonder.  After that, you can comment on them in the famous Silverfish Longboarding Product Reviews database.  Between the PDF, the subscriber copies and the huge, searchable Product Reviews section, we've got you covered!   What's that?  You don't have a computer and aren't reading this?  Or, you're still using Explorer and dial-up on a by-the-minute plan?  Well, you can score paper copies of the Buyer's Guide at various skate shops across North America and with any order from and .  


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Oh yea!  Check out page 104 in the Buyers Guide, or keep following this page, so you can find out how to win 4 complete setups or one of 50 Alpha Skate tools!   Schwag's good, yes it is.  Anybody remember the Sears Wishbook?   Will some crafty Canuck be your personal Santa?  Not if you don't enter!  Scroll way down for a special message from the frosty freestyler, himself.


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Just follow these steps:

STEP #1 Look carefully through this guide and pick out your choice of longboard, slalom, street and vert set up. Also choose trucks, wheels and bearings. This your chance to build your DREAM quiver. This contest is open to ALL skateboarders around the world.

STEP #2 Email your choices to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note: ONE entry per person. If you don't have access to email, send a postcard with your product list to the Indaba Group, PO Box 1895, Carlsbad, CA 92018.

STEP #3 The contest closes July 31, 2007 and the winner will be announced in the August 2007 issue of Concrete Wave.  BONUS - Thanks to the generous folks at Alpha Skateboard Co. you also have a chance to win one of 50 Alpha Skate Tools.

The drawing will take place May 1st, in the walnut-paneled Editor's Office at Concrete Wave, using an advanced microprocessor randomization protocol.  If you win a skate tool, you'll still be in the running for the complete quiver.

Note: Concrete Wave swears on a stack of Alvas that it will NOT sell any names collected in this draw nor will they send out any junk mail to you unless you are Canadian, in which case you should be stoked to see the sled dogs arrive.  This contest is void where prohibited and generally inadvisable for persons unaccustomed to smiling. Your odds of winning depend on how many entries there are. No, you can't enter your pet's name or the name of your next door neighbor who doesn't skate. Now, get busy - you've got a lot of decisions to make to build that perfect quiver!

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And now, a word from Michael Brooke... 

Hello Silverfish community!

I am very pleased to be able to offer the 2007 edition of the Concrete Wave
Buyer's Guide. This year ,our guide hit over 1200 products. I want to extend
my sincere thanks to my trusty designer, Markintosh, who put this together
under very trying circumstances (and never once threatened to kill
me...well, maybe once, but that's water under the bridge, plus the blood
stains on the carpet should be disappearing by now!) I mean, c'mon people
...1200 products AND FOUR covers?! It's enough to most designers in the
hospital. But not Markintosh!

A HUGE thanks to the multitude of folks who create these wonderful skate
products for us to enjoy! Thanks to all the advertisers - please make sure
you tell these folks you saw their product in Concrete Wave and on
Silverfish A special thanks to all the contributors (words and photos) who
helped make this guide our largest yet. Thanks to Ebasil and Malakai for
hosting this pdf. And finally, get busy! The quivers contest starts now and
hey, even if you don't win, it's still fun to dream and who knows, maybe
you'll win a skate key!

Many thanks for reading and spreading the word on CW. 2007 is going to be a
great year!

Michael Brooke
publisher, Concrete Wave

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