Anyone ever shop there? It's the only board shop near me. Anyways, I went down there this morning to get some 1/8" risers for a newly assembled shortboard. It came out to like $2.50, I gave them a 10, and the guy workin the register gave me change as if I gave him a 20. I didn't notice it until I went out to lunch about an hour later, when I pulled $18 out of my wallet instead of $8. So I looked at my receipt and sure enough it said I gave him $20. So after lunch I skated back over there, when I walked in they were like "you're back already?" LOL so I explained what had happened, and they didn't believe me until they checked the cash drawer. So I gave him the $10 I owed him and he thanked me for my honesty and gave me a free T-shirt.

Sorry for rambling. Seeee it does pay to be honest!!!!!