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My Poppies feel pretty dead without much spring to them when pumping. Has anyone else felt like Poppies did not have much rebound - still running the stock bushings?

I have an inclining the dead feeling is caused by the switch from a flexible board to a stiff one, more so than a switch in trucks from a RKP back & Bennet front to the Poppies. However, I want my pumping setup to feel livelier than it does now. Any suggestions?

My old pumping deck was stolen from me so I can't slap the Poppies on that deck to try them out.

I also liked the twitchy-ness of the Bennet setup, which the Poppies don't seem to have as much twitch.

I got the Poppies to increase my efficiency, but with a stiff board and the stock bushing I'm feeling like pumping is more effort than it was on my old setup.

Also, do you guys like to run wheel spacing that is wider front and skinnier back, or wider back with skinnier front?
My Poppys are super bouncy and pump perfectly.

But like all pumping set ups, it required lots of tinkering and adjustments to get it right. There is no "stock bushings" set up that will work. I wedged and dewedged. I used MUCH Softer bushings in the front; I weigh 190 and use 75a Riptide in front, and white Krank in the rear.