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    Default Turnkey Board Building Business - For Sale

    Thought I would post this here:

    I am selling all of my board building supplies. I will still be building boards from time to time, but as I am moving into my first house I do not need the volume nor the space for the stuff I previously housed at my parents. I've been building a lot of things over the past few years after getting into woodworking through longboards and my workshop wont have space for things like hydraulic presses, various CNC'd molds, boxes of trucks/wheels/bearings, and screen printing materials.

    So if anyone is interested in buying everything (not piecing it out), I've attached a spreadsheet with everything I have and the MSRP value of it. It comes to right under $5k, but I am willing to part with it all for $2500. If someone wanted to take the time and selling everything individually there would be a few grand to be made...I just don't have the time to do that.

    I'm In South West Ohio and can be reached through Private Message here with any questions.

    **Posted this in board building for relevance, but just realized Mods may decide to move it to buy/sell/trade
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