Used to have a Switch 40 ( complete 2013 edition ), but the board is starting to show wear after almost 4 year of daily usage commuting to both school and work daily.

Thus I'm looking for an alternative, I really like the double drop, so I would prefer a board with a double drop ( or single drop, but no straight boards ). I've looked at the Switch 40 2016, but I don't like the style of the board, and the few ( new ) 2015 boards I've found are a little bit more expensive than what I would be looking at ( but I'll buy it if no alternative present itself, I need the board for school / work when winter is over ).

Do you guys have any alternative to the Switch you can recommend me ? I prefer simpler designs like the Switch 2013, 2014 or 2015 to more complicated designs on the board, no preferences for colors, preferably 36'' and above with a drop / double drop.

I'll be using the board mainly for cruising. I weight around 165 lbs ( 72 kg or something ? ) and I'm 5''11.