After the success of the last one, The High Wycombe Freeride will return, bigger and better than before! if you want to come, i can put some people up in my house, get in early to avoid dissapointment!

Runs from saturday night, untill sunday evening

saturday will be an evening session at John Lewis car park, some down and dirty races, on a closed course!

The plan for the morning will be as follows.

DAWN - speed patrol, fast hills top speeds possible in the high 40s if you have the balls, silly races, good times. Skate until about 9am.

Return to my gaff, for food, or if there are too many people go to a greasy spoon!

relax untill about 11am, then head out to 'The Devils Elbow' a stupidly gnarly left hand hairpin, approach speed of 30mph.

skate untill too tired then head out to watlington bowl for a bbq and chill session. skate at watly untill 5pm, then drive to JL

John Lewis is skateable from 5.30 untill dark, so we can have a nice mellow cruizey session, or if anyone has the energy, a few more races!

Whos in?