Hi i'm very new to any board sports as i just started skateboarding recently (bout 2 months ago) i got a Heroin skateboard with tensor trucks and ricta wheels (this seem to be good enough for normal skateboarding but i really need a longboard) and i'm getting a proper longboard in a few weeks when i finish school so i was wandering if there are any crews near (i know already about leeds longboarders and i'm trying to get to them). So this are my two questions:
Are there any people willing to accept a complete newbie (i can stay on the board and ride it preety fast) as i really like cruising around on my skateboard and going downhill (dont really like doing anything very technical can't get hang of kickflips etc.) but i like to cruise and the feeling of adrenaline when ur going very fast and i want to learn how to slide aswell this brings me to the question 2 which is:
What kind of board would be good for cruising and sliding/downhill i have read that the loaded dervish is preety nice and have riden a loaded dancer and it felt like heaven (i also like the look of those boards instead of pintails)

Sorry for making this so long hope i get an answer cheers (message me on facebook if you wanna meet up and skate a bit (i'm not very good but will be happy to join you nearly anytime